Atiku Denies Foreign Backing In 2019 Polls

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The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the last election, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has denied enjoying the support of some foreign countries during the last polls. The former vice president also faulted influential leaders in the country as well as some political parties for endorsing the outcome of the election. Atiku was often accused of enjoying the backing of some foreign interests during the 2019 presidential election. While Atiku’s trip to the United States (US) was celebrated by the PDP campaign, he was accused of working with foreign lobbyists during the polls. But spokesman of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Council, Segun Sowunmi, told Akelicious that contrary to claims, Atiku never enjoyed the support of foreign interests. When asked, Sowunmi said: “I will know or I ought to know. Atiku is not backed by any national power, there is no truth to that, Atiku is not conniving with anybody, he is not trying to undermine this country by any means, he is not even wishing for crisis in the country. Atiku is not interested in the shedding of the blood of any Nigerian for whatever reason let alone for his ambition, that is not Atiku.” Sowunmi, who also served as one of the spokespersons of the PDP presidential council, added that Atiku is more interested in institutional reforms that can give Nigerians the best opportunities to be whatever they want to be. He added that Atiku did not heed the advise of some elders in the country not to go to court because they were spent forces. He said, “Is Atiku himself a small boy? Who are those elders? How old are they that they should be advising somebody that is old enough to take a decision. “I think there are no elders advising anybody. What the elders ought to have done was to scream before the election that anything short of a free, fair and transparent election would not be accepted. “Having failed to insist that this country should be able to select its leaders in the most dignified manner and having gone on again to fail in their ability to call for probe and to say that this is not acceptable, they can no longer wear the toga of elders.“ He added that Atiku is not rocking any boat in the country as insinuated in some political circles. “Atiku wants peace in this country and he is for peace, if there is anything Atiku would do for Nigeria to have more peace, he will do it. The only thing is that a stolen mandate really means a stolen future and no stolen mandate should go unchallenged and it is not Atiku that is on trial, it is the future of the younger generation,” he said.

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