Atiku Vs Buhari: As Supreme Court Fixes October 30

The Supreme Court has fixed Wednesday, October 30 as the hearing date for the Appeal filed by HE Atiku Abubakar and the PDP against the ruling of the Tribunal on the Presidential Election Petition.

But still shrouded in secrecy is the members of the seven-man panel that will hear and subsequently adjudicate on this mother of all election petitions. Nonetheless, that cat will definitely be out of the bag on the day the justices walk into the courtroom on that October 30 morning at the apex court.

Most Nigerians have given up on our judiciary and rightly so. President Mohammadu Buhari, who claimed Mr. Integrity while seeking power, has succeeded in making the nation’s third tier of government a laughing stock.

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On the basis of that, most Nigerians believe nothing will come out of the Supreme Court exercise besides confirming Buhari’s “victory”. No sane will fault this mindset in a country ruled by a man so desperate to remain in power that no atrocity to achieve that is sparred.

But one significant thing has been established – that he NEVER won the election and neither was he qualified both academically and morally to lead the world’s most populous black nation. Even his party and supporters are no longer saying he won. They are rather saying that this is Nigeria and nobody can sack Buhari. They saw the Tribunal proceedings and knew their mentor was deflated like a balloon trying to defend lies in court. The saw clearly he hadn’t any certificate and understood very well that he committed perjury. But they laugh in your face and tell you there’s nothing the opposition can do about it.

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In a sense Atiku has achieved the most significant victory he set out for – prove his case beyond every reasonable doubt.

Yes, Buhari holds the powers and, like every tyrant, uses them quite ruthlessly. But it is not yet over. Whether he succeeds in making Justice Ibrahim Tanko to handpick the justices believed to have been already compromised to deliver his wishes, or whether Justice Tanko has succeeded in following the seniority rule in the judiciary system to pick the members of the panel, one thing remains certain – Nigeria will NEVER remain the same again whatever is the eventual judgement.

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We’re already in ruins and will deteriorate even deeper in the event of Buhari’s “victory.”

While an AtikuObi victory offers a new dawn for unity and stability on all fronts. Nigerians shouldn’t lose hope yet. It’s time to pray and believe. This country is far bigger than Buhari and his cabal.

Tanko and his team will make that choice. They are human, know the present state of the nation and know how cruel history can be to people who had the sole responsibility to improve mankind but turned the other way.

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