Attempted Suicide Bombing: Bishop Oyedepo Curses Boko Haram, Miyetti Allah

*This is the last straw.
*It is impossible for these killers to do what they are doing without some authority backing them up.
*Curses boko haram, miyetti allah and all others involved in the violence.
*Asks how can people claim responsibility for killings and still be walking on the streets?

We are here to celebrate God for delivering us from ‘So great a death’.
2 Corinthians 1:10
There was a failed attempt to bomb one of our Churches in Kaduna yesterday. This agent of the devil already entered the premises, found his way to the toilet, (but “who delivered us from so great a death”), was accosted and arrested.

  1. That’s a proof that God is in our midst. Zephaniah 3:17
    A vivid proof that God is in the midst of His people and we are here not to assume but to celebrate His Faithfulness;
    To tell this Nation as they would expect me to do:
  • The last straw that will break the back of everybody in authority, backing these callous killers has come.
  • To tell everyone behind this: your days are numbered
  • This prophet is saying the Kingdom is taking away from you.
  • It’s impossible for these killers to be on the loose without some authorities backing them up.
  • So many precious lives have been wasted in the last 2 weeks and in the name of Jesus, the generations of those involved is declared wasted.
  • I don’t care: boko haram, miyetti allah, whatever name you are called, I decree the curse of the of the Lord upon you now.
  • Everyone in government, everyone in security services, that is behind these killings: YOUR END HAS COME!!
  • Anyone involved, anyone connected with these callous killings of an irresponsible system where people would claim responsibility for killings and would still be walking in the streets. WOE BETIDE YOU.

Nigeria has never been as vulnerable as this since it became a Nation.

The most irresponsible, most murderous system, is what we have today and in the name of Jesus by the Apostolic authority upon my life and Prophetic seal on my forehead, YOUR END HAS COME.

  • For that great deliverance, let’s celebrate God and as we praise Him:
    He will set ambushment against them; they will face themselves and clear themselves

Their root is declared rotten. Nothing green will be around them anymore.

Their generation will be forgotten.

We will chase them back to their land of nativity. They are doing this because they are not part of us. They are strangers here.

Every curse I could not proclaim in English because of the depth of it, I’ve released it on their heads.

Aren’t you glad that God is making a difference with us? We return the glory to Him.

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