Awolowo vs Ojukwu: Who Is A Betrayer

Ojukwu the hero of Igbo Land. Man of a big heart and the breathe of south-east. Trusted and reliable but betrayed the south-south. 

The Igbos reverence him and adore his role of leadership. Ojukwu was a great soldier, intelligent and each decision he made, there’s always good result at the end. He was a role model for many Igbos in the East. He never listen to the advice of the other soldier who supported him from the beginning of the war. 

1966 – 1967, Ojukwu called the attention his friend in the Army Force his ambition to set Igbos free from Nigeria. Many supported the idea, due to the killing of Igbos in general in the time of late Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi,the first Head of State. 

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Ojukwu declared Biafra in 1967. Things went according to plan until General Gowon stopped the supply of food sent to the east and change the currency, with the help of Obafemi Awolowo. 

Biafra soldier couldn’t purchase weapon needed to fight war because of the change of currency. The soldier had faith in Ojukwu, ” If I die I die,Biafra must be free”. Ojukwu saw Biafra had lost the battle, he flew to Cote-Divore for safety. Left the soldier to die. 

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Few month later, Biafra surrender . Some of the soldier who are still alive do say, Nigeria must remain one. The fear of the past hurt in this present state of Nigeria. The south-south suffer a lot and many died when Ojukwu left in the middle of the battle. They do say “Igbos are selfish “.

Awolowo was removed from Calabar prison by Biafran Odumegwu Ojukwu and agreement was reached between Awolowo and Ojukwu before declares Biafra in the East July 1967, Awolowo would declare Oduduwa Republic in the West. The British establishment, sensing the dangers of Awolowo declaring Oduduwa Republic in the West, convinced Gowon and the north to checkmate Awolowo’s secessionist agenda by appointing him the Vice Chairman of the Federal Executive Council. This strategy worked effectively. Awolowo had to checkmate the Biafran dream to clear any obstacle to his ruling Nigeria.

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Awolowo advice Gowon to stop food from going to the south east and changing of currency.Awolowo quashed the Biafran dream.  

Who is the betrayer? Kindly comment.

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