Baze University Postgraduate Programmes Admission Application Form For The 2019/2020

Baze University postgraduate programmes admission application form for the 2019/2020 academic session is now on sale.


Available Postgraduate Programmes.
1. Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics / Extension
a) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
i) Agricultural Economics
ii) Applied Economics and Policy
iii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

b) Master of Science(M. Sc. )
i) Agricultural Economics
ii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
iii) International Economics and Finance (Part-Time only)
iv) Environmental Economics and Policy (Part-Time only)
v) Social Work and Community Development

c) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
i) Agricultural Economics (Production Economics, Agricultural Finance)
ii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
iii) International Economics and Finance (Part-Time Only)
iv) Environmental Economics and Policy (Part-Time Only)
v) Social Work and Community Development

2. Department of Animal Science (PGD, M. Sc, PhD)
i) Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry
ii) Animal Production and Management
iii) Animal Physiology and Reproduction
iv) Animal Breeding and Genetics

3. Department of Crop and Soil Science (PGD, M. Sc, PhD)
i) Crop Science (Crop Production, Crop Physiology, Horticulture; Plant Breeding and Genetics; Seed Science and Technology; Farming Systems and Environment; Environmental Crop Science; Entomology; Plant Pathology).
ii) Soil Science (Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Physics and Conservation, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Technology; Soil Survey and Land Use Planning; Pedology; Environmental Soil Science)

4. Department of Fisheries
a) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
i) Aquaculture
ii) Marine Biology
iii) Fisheries Biology
iv) Fisheries Policy and Management

b) Master of Science (M. Sc. )
i) Aquaculture
ii) Marine Biology
iii) Fisheries Biology
iv) Fisheries Policy and Management
v) Fish Nutrition

c) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
i) Aquaculture
ii) Marine Biology
iii) Fisheries Biology
iv) Fish Nutrition
v) Fisheries Processing and Utilization
vi) Fisheries Policy and Management

5. Department of Food Science and Technology (PGD, M. Sc, PhD)
i) Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
ii) Food Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
iii) Food Quality Control and Assurance
iv) Food Process and Storage Technology

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6. Department of Forestry and Environment
a) PGD, Forestry and Environment
b) Masters, Forestry (MF)
c) M. Sc. , Forestry and Environment
d) Ph. D. , Forestry and Environment
Areas of Specialization:
i) Silviculture
ii) Forest Resources Economics
iii) Forest Pathology
iv) Forest Soil, Hydrology and Microbiology
v) Wildlife Ecology
vi) Agro-Forestry
vii) Forest Biometrics
viii) Wood Science
ix) Environmental Forest Ecology
x) Tree Improvement
xi) Phytomedicine Resources

1. Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
a) Environmental Engineering (M. Tech. , PhD)
b) Farm Power and Machinery Engineering (PhD only)
c) Soil and Water Engineering (M. Tech. , PhD)
d) Rural Development Engineering (PhD only)
e) Post Harvest Process Engineering (PhD only)

2. Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
a) Chemical Engineering (PGD, M. Tech, and PhD)

3. Department of Civil Engineering
a) Structural Engineering (M. Tech, PhD)
b) Civil Engineering (PGD)

4. Department of Marine Engineering
a) Naval Architecture and Ship Building (M. Tech. )

5. Department of Mechanical Engineering
a) Applied Mechanics and Design (PhD Only)
b) Thermo-Fluids Engineering (PGD, M. Tech. , PhD)
c) Master of Engineering Management (MEM only)

6. Department of Electrical Engineering
a) Power Engineering (PGD, M. Tech. , PhD)
b) Electronics Engineering (PGD, M. Tech. )

1. Department of Architecture
i) M. Sc. , Architecture

2. Department of Estate Management
i) PGD, Estate Management
ii) M. Sc. , Real Estate

3. Department of Urban and Regional Planning
i) M. Sc. , Urban and Regional Planning

a) PGD, Petroleum and Environmental Law
b) Master of Laws (LL. M)
c) PhD
i) International Law and Human Rights
ii) Petroleum and Environmental Law
iii) Business and Industrial Law
iv) Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence

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a) PGD
i) Accountancy
ii) Banking and Finance
iii) Management
iv) Marketing
v) Mass Communication
vi) Office and Information Management

b) M. Sc. , Accountancy with options in:
i) Accountancy
ii) Taxation
iii) Public Sector Accounting

c) M. Sc. , Banking and Finance with options in:
i) Banking and Finance
ii) Quantitative Finance
iii) Corporate Finance
iv) Financial Markets

d) M. Sc. , Management with options in:
i) Human Resources Management
ii) Industrial Relations
iii) Business Policy
iv) Organizational Behaviour

e) M. Sc. , Marketing
f) M. Sc. , Mass Communication
i) Communication and Development Studies
g) PhD
i) Accountancy
ii) Banking and Finance (with options as in M. Sc. programme)
iii) Management (with options as in M. Sc. programme)
iv) Marketing

1. Department of Applied and Environmental Biology (PGD, M. Sc. , PhD)
i) Applied Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology
ii) Applied Environmental and Industrial Entomology
iii) Marine Biology, Marine Pollution Studies
iv) Plant Pathology
v) Environmental Biology

2. Department of Chemistry
a) PGD
i) Chemistry
b) M. Sc. , PhD
i) Analytical Chemistry
ii) Organic Chemistry
iii) Inorganic Chemistry
iv) Biochemistry
v) Physical Chemistry
vi) Environmental Chemistry

3. Department of Medical Laboratory Science (PGD, M. Sc. , PhD)
i) Medical Microbiology
ii) Chemical Pathology
iii) Hematology and Blood Group Serology

4. Department of Mathematics / Computer Science
a) PGD
i) Applied Statistics
ii) Computer Science
b) M. Sc.
i) Computer Science
c) M. Sc. , PhD
i) Applied Mathematics
ii) Applied Statistics

5. Department of Physics (PGD, M. Sc. , PhD)
i) Solid State Physics
ii) Theoretical Physics (Plasma Physics, Fluid Dynamics)
iii) Applied Geophysics

1. Postgraduate Diploma
i) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Education (PGDTE)

2. Department of Business Education (M. Ed. )
i) Business Education

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3. Department of Educational Foundations (M. Ed; PhD)
i) Educational Management
ii) Adult Education and Community Studies
iii) Educational Measurement and Evaluation
iv) Guidance and Counseling

4. Department of Science and Technical Education (M. Sc. , PhD)
a) Agricultural Education with options in:
i) Administration
ii) Community Development
iii) Agricultural Resources and Environment
b) Science Education with options in:
i) Biology Education
ii) Chemistry Education
iii) Physics Education
iv) Mathematics Education

c) Technical Education with options in:
i) Building Technology
ii) Electrical/Electronic Technology
iii) Mechanical Technology

NOTE: SANDWICH PROGRAMMES are run at Masters and Postgraduate Diploma levels by the Faculty of Technical and Science Education.

Postgraduate Programmes – Admission Requirements.
Applicants with the qualifications in the underlisted categories shall be eligible for admission into the postgraduate programmes; however, candidates must fulfill the matriculation requirements of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt.


A candidate seeking admission into the Full-time/Part-time Master’s degree programme must possess a Bachelor degree with at least Second Class Division in the relevant discipline.
A candidate who holds PGD, PGDE or PGDTE with CGPA of 3. 50 or above in the relevant discipline may apply for the Master’s Programme.
Candidates for the M. Ed. degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Technical and Science Education should possess EITHER a good Bachelor’s degree (not lower than Second Class Division) in a relevant teaching subject OR Higher National Diploma or its equivalent with at least lower credit classification in addition to PGDE or PGDTE with a CGPA of 3. 50 obtained from this University or any other recognized institution.

the closing date will be announce to you soon.

For more information call the school registrar Dr Mrs Faith Balogun on 08035839237 Or 08065722482 For helplled will not be treated. 

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