Before choosing a life’s partner, observe these four profits – Pastor Kumuyi

Before choosing a life's partner, observe these four profits - Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor W.F kumuyi the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church has however taken his time to discuss the issue of marriage with the members of his church. The man of God through the help of the holy spirit understand the institution of marriage and didn’t hide anything from the members of his church. He talks about the interpersonal relationship between couples, the duty of parents to their spouses and to their children, a reasons why widows should remarry and also the role parents could play in the marital life of their children. One major message that the man of God sent to the unmarried and also to the married is about the profits that one could benefit from marriage. These are things that singles should critically assess before praying for a life partner and taking the necessary steps.

In preparation for marriage, Pastor Kumuyi gave this four profit 

1. Personal Profit

The man of God read the book of 1st Corinthians 7:2 which says

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Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband”. Fornication is one of the most deadly sin one could commit and even though it is becoming a rampant sin in the world today, Christians are not expected to indulge in it. However the best way for one to avoid fornication is to choose a life partner at the right time. As Christians, marriage becomes a personal profit for them because it takes them far away from the sin of fornication. Every man is expected to have his own wife why every woman is also expected to have her own husband. Therefore the personal profit of marriage for Christians is that it helps them to avoid fornication and other sexual sins

2. Spiritual Profit

It is not expected for Christian singles to marry an unbeliever but unfortunately some still find themselves in it. One special profit that marriage has is the ability to daily develop in the spiritual aspects of life. Spiritually, one needs to grow and marrying an unbeliever could actually deny one of such rapid growth. Apart from the other profits gotten from marriage, the ability for couples to help each other develop in the Lord is very very crucial. They pray together, fellowship together, read the Bible together, help each other and so on. But unfortunately there are instances where by believers finds themselves married to an unbeliever. The pastor read the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 7: 12 which says

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But to the rest speak i, not the Lord; if any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to deal with him, let him not put her away

The man of God made his members to understand that the spiritual status of one’s spouse should not necessarily lead to divorce only in a condition whereby the unbeliever wants to leave. So far both couples are ready 

 to stay let them be together.

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3. Earthly Profit

After God created man in the book of Genesis chapter 1: 28, he asked them to be fruitful and multiply. Therefore one of the profit one get in marriage is the earthly profit. There is no doubt that a man who acquires all the knowledge and all the money in this world but decides to remain single is definitely incomplete. The ability to bear children, to take care of the family, also to avoid social oppression are basic earthly profits in marriage.

4. Heavenly Profit

The man of God emphasized heavily on the profit of marriage. Any relationship that will make one to lose the kingdom of God should be heavily avoided. This is the reason why one has to marry a believer who has heaven mindset on a daily basis. They are lifestyles, conversation, decisions and conclusions that will take them both to Heaven so such profit should easily be analysed before one chooses a life’s partner.

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