Biafra: We Shall Prevail

When the Israelites fought and the sun stood still, Moses’ hands at a point became heavy. But he relied on the support of his people and so his hands remained up until the fight ended in victory.

Now the battle is getting fiercer and has taken dramatic dimensions. All facets of Nigeria are on fire, in chaos and debased. Unlawful killings are systematically sanctioned and condoned by the terrorist government of Nigeria and has rendered the citizens as docile as a lamb and incapable of speaking out in condemnation of these murderous atrocities.

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In all these, the relevance of IPOB has continued to soar. It is equally noteworthy that IPOB has turned out to be the hope of the Biafran people.

The federal government arrested Sowore because he was sighted with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and till date, members of IPOB have continued to be persecuted – are hunted down, illegally incarcerated and extra-judicially executed because the terrorist government of Nigeria is incapable of respecting human rights and instituting democratic ideals.

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The chaos plaguing Nigeria is a direct consequence of its iniquitous existence and the evil it represents. More so, this is expected as Nigeria must be obliterated for Biafra to rise in glory.

I commend the leadership of IPOB for not yielding to distractions but remaining focused and forging ahead with the divine task of restoring Biafra and the dignity of black man, world over. All Biafrans must remain resolute and must continue to practice and propagate the wholesome ideals that this struggle represents.

We have come so far and must continue. The unequaled efforts by IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to engage the international community and seek relevant support must continue. Biafra has everything required to be a prosperous nation. Therefore, we must not relent, but must in togetherness, continue in this divine mandate to take our destiny in our own hands, for in the end, just as light displaces darkness, we shall prevail.

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By Victoria. O. C. Agangan

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