Breath Of Fresh Air For Local Councils In Imo Under Uzodimma

Hope Uzodimma

It is a sad fact, as records have it, that outside the early 2000s, Governance at the local level in Imo State has been relegated to the background. In this our era, Legislators and State Governors, literally sit on the Local Government administration and grind it to a halt.

Ideally, State Governments should have no business fixing those pothole infested roads in local neighbourhoods, providing pipe-borne water in rural areas or providing desks for primary schools. That should be the primary responsibility of the local councils and local constituencies. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stipulates that the Local Government should be the closest to the people and should provide the basis for good governance in a democracy.

The cheering news is that the Governor of Imo State, Sen. Hope Uzodimma, has announced the readiness of the Imo State Independent Electoral Commission (ISIEC) to conduct elections for the third tier of Government.

In a recent address, the Governor stated; “Any moment from now, the State Independent Electoral Commission will be rolling out the timetable for Local Government elections. We are going to encourage them, so that we can properly constitute the various organs of Government at Local Government.”

This news heralds Hope. Hope for a significant come back to days that the concerns of the citizenry can be addressed by the local council. All the issues raised about restructuring the Nigerian federation without empowering the local governments and making that arm of government the most functional in a federation in order to ensure development from the grassroots, won’t mean a thing, without proper council elections.

Even with the many battles and constraints the Uzodimma led administration is faced with, no focus has been lost as to empowering the local councils to be more productive and effective, with moves to also rejuvenate our Local Government Development Areas as it were.

There’s truly Hope in Imo.

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