Buhari appointed the Adviser of Miyetti Allah to lead the Federal Commission – Reno Omokri

reno omokri and buhari

Reno Omokri has slammed General Buhari for appointing the Leahl Adviser of Miyetti Allah to Lead the Federal Character Commission.


“Jonathan left General Bujari $2.07 billion in Excess Crude Account. Today, only $71 million remains. He left $3 billion in SWF. Buhari has drained it. Buhari increased foreign debt from $7 billion to $27 billion. Now oil has crashed. What will Nigeria do?

“GeneralnBuhari has plunged us into a debt that will be almost impossible to repay. He met foreign debt of $7 billion. Today it is $27 billion. He is a locust! A perpetual beggar! An economic almajiri! He consumes what other men produced without adding value!

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“Just look at the Uber tribalism and nepotism of General Buhari How can you make Northerners both the Chairman and Secretary of the Federal Character Commission? Can you imagine bringing tribalism into an agency established specifically to prevent tribalism!

“And look at the person he even appointed to lead the Federal Character Commission. He appointed the Legal Adviser of the Miyetti Allah, Mohammed Tukur as Secretary. Can you just imagine? With all what Nigerians have suffered at the hands of herdsmen.

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“Naira will CRASH! It is a matter of WHEN, not IF. Oil is 90% of Nigeria’s export. It has CRASHED. General Buhari squandered the $2.07 billion Jonathan left in ECA, plus $3 billion in SWF. Plus $5 billion LNG dividend. He also quadrupled our foreign debt!

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