Buhari Set To Defeat Boko Haram Again, Embarks On Massive Shake Up Of Top Military Brass

The Nigerian Army, has announced a fresh set of postings that majorly concern the prosecution of the Boko Haram war in the North-East of the country.
The reshuffle took effect from August 14.
The development comes amidst pressure on the Military to end the 10-year insurgency, that has cost the nation much hardship in human and asset toll.
According to Official details made available to Newsmen, it was explained that top Officers affected in the latest exercise include Bulama Biu, a Major-General and Commander of the Boko Haram war.
He was immediately replaced by A. K. Ibrahim, a Brigadier-General, who was transferred from the Army Headquarters to 7 Division Headquarters, in Maiduguri.
Ibrahim was made the Theatre Commander of Sector 1 Operation Lafiya Dole and Acting-General Officer Commanding, GOC, of 7 Division, the main formation overseeing the Boko Haram war.
Biu has now been moved to Sector 3 Operation Lafiya Dole, and Sector 3 Multi-National Joint Task Force, MNJTF, to act as Commander for both Units.
The removal of Biu as the GOC of 7 Division and Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, came two weeks after he was accused of celebrating his promotion to the rank of a General.
Biu’s action raised serious concerns among Military Officers and Security Analysts, who largely saw it as insensitive towards the families of the fallen heroes, and demoralising for other uniformed men still risking their lives to chase away terrorists from Nigerian territories.
Biu was appointed as the GOC of 7 Division, and head of Boko Haram war, in May 2018, and President Muhammadu Buhari gave him accelerated promotion as a Major-General only last month. The President cited the General’s “extraordinary feats, exemplary leadership, commitment, and valour” for the recognition. It was also last month, that Mr. Biu was made the Substantive GOC of 7 Division, having led the war in Acting capacity for over a year.
It was not immediately clear whether the Nigerian Army considered other operational and moral lapses against Biu, before removing him from the top job.
Others affected by the reshuffle, which appeared the first to affect the Boko Haram war since February, included B. A. Akinroluyo, who was moved from Theatre Command Headquarters Operation Lafiya Dole, to training and doctrine headquarters, Minna, for deployment.

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Another Major-General, C. G. Musa, was sent from Sector 3 Operation Lafiya Dole, to training and doctrine Headquarters, Minna, for deployment. O. Adeniyi was asked to remain in Theatre Command Headquarters, and appointed Theatre Commander.

The Army sent I. A. Ajose, a Colonel, from 5 Brigade Headquarters, to training and doctrine headquarters, Minna, for deployment. O. A. Awolo, a Colonel, was transferred from 707 Special Forces Brigade, to 5 Brigade Headquarters, and appointed Acting Commander there.

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From Nigerian Defence Academy, A. S. Bugaje, a Colonel, was transferred to 707 Special Forces Brigade as its new Commander.

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