Buhari’s Fulani Agenda And The Dangers It Portends

While Nigerians remain gullible and divided amongst themselves, the unfolding agenda to flood every nook and cranny of Nigeria with fulanis is the first phase of what seem to be an underlying agenda to swoop Nigeria into becoming a hotbed for religious unrest which I fear will eventually bring to pass the prediction of the CIA of Nigeria’s disintegration.

I used to think that General Muhammadu Buhari was a man with the right mentality to solve the country’s mess not until he indeed demonstrated his understanding of the use of power with a gathered experience from when he was a Military Dictator leader of Nigeria.

While some school of thought have it that General Muhammadu Buhari’s agenda is to flood Nigeria with fulanis from other parts of Africa with a certain hidden agenda, he has demonstrated such with his recent declaration of Nigeria as visa free to all African countries.

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With the high rate of genenocide and terrorism happening in Nigeria, one would think that a responsible and sensitive government would do well to protect her borders while they try to clean up the insurgents off Nigeria’s soil. However sadly, the reverse is the status today because this president has demonstrated gross intolerance, total negligence for the humanity, the rule of law and empathy.

My thinking, his recent declaration of “We are not answerable to US and UK” by his spokes person is deeply unmasking or connecting the dots between his newly found relationship with Russia who is a close ally of Edrogan of Turkey while they are open enemies to the United States of America. I hope someone is not thinking what I am thinking.

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I can say this unequivocally that General Muhammadu Buhari and his team mean no good for Nigeria and Nigerians. The recent elections in Bayelsa and Kogi States are a pointer to a man with no regards for democratic etiquette and norms when he openly applauds an election where the police shoots at voters from an helicopter and provided backup to thugs and miscreants who shot at voters and snatches ballot boxes as well as electoral materials while people were burnt alive in their houses because they don’t support the APC-led imposed candidate, Yahaya Bello who was an successful failure and who is confirmed corrupt by a report of the National Bureau of Statistics.

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This is actually happening because General Muhammadu Buhari found a fulani in Yahaya Bello who made himself an agent to execute the General’s fulani agenda using Kogi as a hotbed to ignite the move to hijack Nigeria from being a secular nation.

Nigeria obviously is a ticking time bomb but this ticking sound is being given a coloration to distract Nigerians for an unimaginable surprise.

While unemployment is far on the increase, this government chooses to open up her already very porous borders to the unknown.

I hope and pray that Nigerians wake up to this reality and take back her country from evil people.

By Austeen Anibe Otene
Rights and Equality / Climate Change Activist

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