Buhari’s Genocidal Threats: We Will Not Take Such Unwarranted Remarks From The Presidency – NUF Warns


Office of the National Youth Leader Ndi Igbo United Forum


President Buhari’s Tweets of yesterday, wherein he referenced the horrible happenings of 1967-70; and threatened to repeat same to Ndigbo, leaves a lot to be desired. It simply reveals a DARK MINDSET!
In this harrowing period of Nigeria’s existence, utterances like that, should be avoided at all costs, but unfortunately, it eventually emanated from the Presidency, a very troubling trend that calls for urgent attention.

The Youth Wing of Ndigbo United Forum, a pan Igbo sociopolitical organization, frowns at such vituperation against Ndigbo, regardless of who is involved. We will not take such unwarranted remarks from the presidency.

In as much as we don’t endorse the criminal activities of the Unknown Gunmen in South East and some parts of South South – Igbo lands, we also need to make it categorically clear that all the unfortunate developments were encouraged by the twin lackluster attitude of the Federal Government towards the rampaging activities of the killer herdsmen; and the visible sidelining of Ndigbo in this administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

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If the Federal Government had been active, faithful and fair, to her Constitutional responsibilities, across Nigeria, there would not have been any agitation or criminality anywhere in Nigeria. Buhari needs to clearly understand that his nepotistic and selective attitudes to issues of national matter, has been the most effective factor that’s fueling all the agitations across Southern Nigeria, not just the South East.
His mindless Tweets, which was a clear Threat to Igbo existence in Nigeria, was one foul play taken too extreme. What he was thinking while tweeting the divisive and genocidal lines, will take every sane mind an eternity to comprehend. Is he planning to embark on a campaign that will exterminate Ndigbo? Or was he just being ridiculously controversial? Whichever one it was, it defies all sense of civility and sanity.

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At this point in our national history, where all hands must be on deck to contain all the national issues from snowballing into complete breakdown of Law and Order, it is most worrisome that the president would be the one beating drums of war.
Ndigbo can never be intimidated. We would not take any unprovoked threats from anyone. We are a very peaceful tribe, but always ready to defend ourselves from all agents of barbaric destruction.

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It is with a great pleasure that we welcome the timely intervention of Twitter, which resulted in deleting of the barbaric and genocidal tweet. We now call on the international community to urgently wade into Nigeria’s case, for the threats reeled out yesterday by president Buhari, is already been effected in some parts of Igbo land.
For the sake of Peace and Reconciliation, we call on the Presidency to quickly tender profuse apologies to Ndigbo.

Mazi Nnaemeka Akachukwu
(General Ikpongo)
National Youth Leader, Ndigbo United Forum Worldwide

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