Bukola Saraki And His Hypocrisy Campaign


Bukola Saraki or “Uncle Bukky” as he is called has shown immense courage throwing around the word “corruption” seeing as he is the first Nigerian Senate President to be issued an arrest warrant while in office. He was also the recipient of a 13-count corruption charge in 2015, a suspect in a robbery case, was the subject of a joint investigation by the EFCC, CCB and DSS. While in power as governor, investigations showed that he abused his office, borrowed billions from banks and used these loans to buy properties in Lagos, London and Abuja. As Senate President, he falsely declared his assets, owned assets beyond his legitimate earnings, operated foreign accounts. In response to the dismissal of charges filed against him by the Code of Conduct Bureau, the Federal Government filed an appeal against the dismissal because of the gravity of his crimes.

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As Senate President, Saraki was apparently too busy planning and financing robberies and illegally acquiring assets to pass any meaningful laws. He has been in the primary place of power, the Senate, for over 3 years and did not manage to sponsor even one legislation. He did not have the peoples’ best interest as a Senate President and will not have our best interest in any other capacity. Saraki did nothing with his office; how can a man who had the power to draft and change laws that could positively affect the lives of Nigerians refuse to do so but has the audacity to tell us who or what is best for us. If he is so knowledgeable on what Nigeria needs, why has he made zero efforts to work towards that. His time in office, however, has been inundated with criminal charge after criminal charge. How can an officer charged with creating our laws also be the criminal who breaks the same laws he is meant to protect? Saraki’s Chief of Staff was also recently arraigned by the EFCC on a 13-count charge of financial fraud of over N3.5 billion- he is simply following his boss’ footsteps. It would either mean Saraki was also complicit in this crime or was careless or not intelligent enough to notice such massive looting by his direct staff. One would wonder why his Chief of Staff would even have access to such funds.

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Saraki’s Hypocrisy Campaign: He initiated ZERO bills as Senate President to improve lives but faced 18 corruption charges. He was the first Senate President to be issued an arrest warrant and was a robbery suspect. He does not care about the people as Senate President and will not care in any other capacity.

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