Burnaboy expresses his opinion about the governments as Nigeria celeberates 60th independence (Watch Video)

African Giant, Burnaboy shared his thought and opinion in an interview with Arise News as Nigeria marked her 60th independence.

The most populous Black country in the world, Nigeria celebrated its independence on October 1st, 2020.

Lots of celeberities expressed their disappointment at how past and present governments have managed the affairs of this country.

In an interview with Arise News, Burnaboy said he can literally die for some respectable Nigerians who have the love of the country at heart.

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According to him, these sets of respectable citizens are the only hope Nigerians have because the appointed and elected people in power are not doing the right thing.

His words:
“The beauty is there are a few hard Nigerians, serious respectable Nigerians who I will give my last blood for. Who have taken it upon themselves and gone out anywhere in the world and done everything to become who they are positively.”

“For me the point is the youths right now are focused on one thing and that is how to get money to be fly and buy things that just don’t matter. Obviously I’m guilty as well because this is the environment that we’ve come up in, where our priorities have been so misplaced and we’ve been so blinded from the things that are really going on. I don’t think there are too many of my mates that you can ask any kind of historical question that will give you a proper accurate answer.”

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