Bursted: Hon Obinna Chidoka And His Thugs Should Be Called to Order

…no amount of lies and desperation will save him.

It is very unfortunate that Hon Obinna Chidoka who has failed as a lawmaker representing the good people of Idemili north and south federal constituency has resorted to malicious lies against the reputation of AIF Media.

Yesterday, AIF Media published a report on the attacks against the supporters of Hon Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi Ifeanyichukwu at the home of Dr C.C Okeke at Nkpor. According to our report as detailed by Barr Darlington Okeke, an Executive Assistant to governor on Legal Matters, Hon Obinna Chidoka led his political thugs to unleash mayhem on APGA supporters who gathered at Nkpor.

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After our publication, Hon Chidoka unleashed his online political thugs on AIF Media. They claimed that our report was false and uploaded some damaged vehicles which they claimed belonged to Hon Obinna Chidoka.

They also claimed that the vehicles were damaged by supporters of Hon Ifeanyi Ibezi at Nkpor yesterday.

However, a check shows that Hon Obinna Chidoka and his thugs are extremely desperate. They downloaded damaged vehicles from the internet and claimed that they belonged to Hon Chidoka and were destroyed by Ibezi’s supporters at Nkpor yesterday. This is desperation taken took far.

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The damaged vehicles posted by Hon Chidoka’s thugs were cars allegedly damaged at Akwa Ibom state on at a political rally on October 2018.

It is unfortunate how desperate Obinna Chidoka could be in dragging the name of Hon Ibezi Ifeanyichukwu on mud and attacking AIF Media.

Uploading fake damaged vehicles is a vindication of our publication that Hon Obinna Chidoka actually attacked the supporters of Ibezi injuring some persons. And in a bid to cover up their tracks, they resorted to using fake damaged vehicles at a rally in Awka Ibom.

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Our advice to Hon Obinna Chidoka is to tell ndi Idemili what he has been able to achieve in the last 4 years. Resorting to political thuggery will never fetch him any vote.

The uploads below is the vehicle they posted and where they downloaded it from.

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Image may contain: text
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Source: AIF Media

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