Call on President Buhari to concentrate on practical creative strategy in reopening of School/Sports/Nigeria Economy Contrary to ASUU President tormenting advise

Call on President Buhari to concentrate on practical creative strategy in reopening of School/Sports/Nigeria Economy Contrary to ASUU President tormenting advise

Nigeria ex international Boxer Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is calling on President Buhari GCFR to disregard ASUU President Position among others but strive harder in relaxing more/ reopening of School,Sports, Religious worship center, Social benefits industry, Market, Business among Nigeria Economy for Security Reasons.

Our Leaders should allow God to completely take Charge of our nation affairs.

The negative impact of COVID19 Pandemic Lockdown have affected the people so much, for instance Private schools to the extent that FGN openly said that they can not assist to pay off the arrears of Private Schools Teacher’s salary while in Lockdown except CBN loan process.
Which is regrettable.

Question Nigerians are tempted to ask is How could ASUU talk of welfare of student and parent whereas ASUU never considered conseqence of their own strike action to student and parent under their control before embarking on strike?

It is on record that even before COVID 19 lockdown ASUU had used industry actions to torment Students towards collapse of their institution.

Also in opposition against this Government.

Which is calculated as chopping to share from National Treasure.

Instead of helping the Nation in the Fight against Corruption.

Today the same ASUU have turned around to advise Government not to open schools of learning.

Which is calculated as advise with bad faith.

Which is also calculated as a strategy to totally distroy Nigerian Educational system since institution entrusted in their hands are nothing to write home about due to uncontrolled, abuse of strike action as their weapon.

Had it been that majority of Nigeria Public institution of high learning had positive objective and sincere practice of quality service to the public.

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This Covid 19 pandemic era could have been an opportunity for ASUU members to show Nigeria their relevance.

Through research toward COVID 19 cure.

The least solutions to curb the spread of COVID19 never came from ASUU members.

Rather it was street tailor’s union that were manufacturing Face mask to Nigeria at the time of National distress.

Also it was Nigerians on the street which by inheritance are talented in Natural local/Herbal medicine, Prayers from religious personality to Almighty GOD that brought survival solutions to COVID19 pandemic at the Grassroot to the common man/woman.

Where’as we have capable professional among ASUU, who decided to die with their Knowledge rather than Charity work.

ASUU members forgot that gift/ talent came from GOD free and Freely shall you give it for the purpose of better life.

Money is not everything all the time.

In Another developement. Public are of the opinion that with Common sense that Covid 19 is Airborne.

Therefore Facemask and Social distance can not even stop it’s spread,

Reference: Presidential Task Force on Covid 19 members, Nigeria Minister of foreign affairs that tested positive to COVID19.

Also Some State Governors that tested positive to Covid 19.

The question that the public are tempted to ask is Are the PTF/ Governors not wearing Face mask as preached?

Another Question is Are the PTF members, Governor’s not maintaining social distance as preached?

Another Question is Are PTF members, Governor’s not observing the NCDC Health advise/safety guidelines as advised by them to the public?

The answer is obvious, you can answer it yourself.

However from the above infections,it is glaring that even the PTF do not really understand the main solution to this COVID19 and it’s characters.

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It is also important to state that the PTF can not claim that they know the amount of time that COVID19 will last.

Therefore the most important thing is for Nigerians is to stop waiting for the external experts and do their own personal research in other to deal with this pandemic.

Therefore ASUU prescription for continuing lockdown of schools among others due to Fear of COVID19 is not the solution to this current situation.

If Government apply no work no pay.
ASUU position will change automatically.

It is very bad for some individuals, Union, Government to advise for closure of ligatimate private business, public schools to the disadvantage of the leaders of tomorrow (our children) in deceit of protection against an unseen enemy; COVID19 pandemic.
Because they are beneficial of National treasure either through salary or other way.

Whether they go to work or not they are sure of their monthly payment from Government allocation.

Government Administrator should be neutral and sensitive to public claims over COVID19 defeat in Nigeria just like other diseases.

what is happening in the street, Markets and among the community is an evidence of defeat of COVID 19 in Nigeria.

Majority of Nigerians are no more afriad of COVID19.

Because most Nigerians knows that the God they serve is able to deliver them.

The Fact remains that most Nigerians have taken the responsibility of their Health due to one of the antidote to Covid 19 is chewing of BITTER KOLA among other plants.

Nigerian love their lives more than their leaders

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Therefore if there is such danger as preach and claimed.

Our market and street could have been deserted, but it’s not.

Covid 19 is not a death sentence.

Covid 19 is not the most dangerous cause of death in Nigeria

Nigeria can not be compared with other country both in food, Religion, among others.

Reference: During the time of Slave trade, it was mostly the slaves from Nigeria that survived to their delivery point.

In view of the above I urge both PTF and President Buhari GCFR to reopen our economy for the betterment of Nigeria and the people.

This will help to improve Nigeria’s Security.

So that the energy being channel to PTF on COVID19 can be converted to restructure of our Health system, educational system,Sports, Security and the Economy at large

The above will Inhance Political interest and investment.

Because the average man on the street will not even think of casting their Vote to any Government that imprison them without any crime in the name of Lockdown/wearing of masks whereas the public view is different in practice.

The Looting system in the name to curb the spread of COVID 19 is alarming.

Reference Millions of Naira alleged approved to Security outfit to buy only face mask by NDDC under probe among others.(face mask that cost N100 on the street)

It is clear that FGN Leaders won’t accept the Financial conseqence of Lockdown to the general public.

Most Nigerians want Presidency to re open all of our economy immediately, the suffering is too much.

We put Nigeria in the hands of GOD.

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