Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri Advises Married Men On What To Do Whenever Their Wives Call Them ‘Useless Man’

Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Reno Omokri has taken to his verified twitter page to advise married men on what to do whenever their wives insults them. Reno Omokri usually... Read more »

Eze, Wife Celebrate 29 Years of Marital Bliss

…Describe Union with six wonderful children As a Reminder of God’s Awesomeness! By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze Preamble: To the Glory of our Almighty God, 23rd May, 2021 marks my 29th wedding Anniversary... Read more »

Dressing Sharp… It’s Powerful

There are a lot of things women look for when they are trying to find the perfect man; trust, a sense of humour, kindness, good looks – to name but a few.... Read more »

If You Are Ashamed Of Your Parents Because They Are Poor And Local, You Can Never Be Rich – Reno Omokri

Little wonder how many young people nowadays try to hide their parents in public because they’re ashamed of their parents. Many teenagers and youths are living fake life which they adopted from... Read more »
Open Letter To Buhari Over The Increase Rate Of Cross-Dressers In Nigeria

Open Letter To Buhari Over The Increase Rate Of Cross-Dressers In Nigeria

In life, always have it in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And everyone was created differently, but some individuals decided to be called Cross-dressers, by wearing dress made... Read more »
Before choosing a life's partner, observe these four profits - Pastor Kumuyi

Before choosing a life’s partner, observe these four profits – Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor W.F kumuyi the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church has however taken his time to discuss the issue of marriage with the members of his church. The man of... Read more »
Reno Omokri

You Will Remain Poor If You Don’t Stop Doing These 7 Habits – Reno Omokri

A US-based motivational speaker, Reno Omokri has shared another insightful word with his fans. This time, he revealed seven habits that could make you remain poor. Reno Omokri is well known in... Read more »
Chinese Girl

Chinese Girl, 16, Undergoes 100 Cosmetic Surgeries To Improve Her Looks (Photos)

A 16-year-old girl known as “China’s youngest plastic surgery addict” claims to have undergone no less than 100 invasive cosmetic procedures over 3 years, in a bid to improve her looks. Zhou... Read more »

Merry Christmas To All Our Readers – AkeliciousMedia

As we all take a break to spend some time with our family and friends, we would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas. Thanks for your support through... Read more »
Destiny Etiko

Prove To Show You That Actress Destiny Etiko Is Really Beautiful

Contrary to what people normally said about Nigerian ladies,that they are not beautiful.It’s a big lie.Nigerian ladies are beautiful,and they are one of the best in the whole world.They are blessed.But in... Read more »

Lady Protest On The Streets Of Owerri Over Rejection Imo Girls Suffer In the Hands Of Imo Guys (Photos)

A frustrated Imo lady has taken to the streets of Owerri to show displeasure over the inability of they men to marry from their state of origin with emphasis on Owerri. The... Read more »

No Woman Can Cheat On You If You Do These 4 Things

The issue of cheating is very rampant in many relationships these days. Both males and females are seeking to find a permanent solution to their partners cheating on them.  A lady identified... Read more »
Catholic Priest

3 Things A Catholic Priest Would Never Do No Matter The Circumstance He Finds Himself

Every profession has its ethics. These ethics are the stipulated moral standards expected to be observed and kept by members of such a profession. The ethics of a prefession guides the activities,... Read more »

Men May Lack Money And Height But Will Never Lack This – Lady Reveals On Social Media

Truly, in this life nobody is perfect. Everybody have their flaws, probably visible, or not. A lady has taken to his Twitter page to reveal what she thinks men will never lack... Read more »
Queen Elizabeth's Handbag

Queen Elizabeth’s Handbag Is Not For Fashion (Details)

Have you ever wondered that why does Queen Elizabeth always carry her handbag with her wherever she goes? I believe that many people might be thinking it is part of fashion but... Read more »

This Will Shock You: The Richest Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

Internet scamming popularly known as “yahoo yahoo” is something that most youths who are looking for a quick way to get rich normally do nowadays, many of them have been arrested and... Read more »
See Photos A Lady Posted That Only Girls May Understand

See Photos A Lady Posted That Only Girls May Understand

A rather paradoxical photo has been shared online by a girl. At first glance at it, you may not understand what’s going on in the picture. The girls covered her body with... Read more »

“God Help Us”- See What A Lady Was Spotted Doing In A Betting Shop That Got Many People Talking

Do you ever wonder why bizarre things happen in our society today? . As they say, wonders shall never end. The bizarre things we witness in our society today, often leave many... Read more »

9 Things That Happen To Your Body After Sex

13 Many of us see sex as good and will like to believe that everything about it is wonderful but it just simply does not work that way. Yes, sex can be... Read more »
Cheating couple

Married Woman Caught Cheating Cries For Help As Husband Showers Her More Love, Gifts

A married woman has sought advice after being caught in bed with another man but continues to get treated with plenty of gifts from her husband. According to the anonymous writer, she brought another... Read more »
Ebere Asonibe

Meet Ebere Asonibe Young Graduate Who Works As A Native Doctor

A Nigerian lady identified as Ebere Asonibe said she became a native doctor because that was the path her ancestors wanted her to tread – According to Ebere, her life became miserable... Read more »
Akwa Ibom Christmas Celebration

Akwa Ibom Christmas Celebration Begins December 1

The Akwa Ibom State Government has rolled out plans for this year’s Christmas celebration in the State. This was made known by the Hon. Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Hon. Orman Esin... Read more »
Engr. Cletus N Ogumerem

Umuakum Stands Still As Engr. Cletus N Ogumerem Commits To Mother- Earth

The entire Ogumerem family mourn the dismiss of an Icon, Late Engr. Cletus N Ogumerem. During his lifetime, he contributed immensely to the development of his community. He was the 3rd son... Read more »
Inidima Okojie

#EndSARS: Inidima Okojie Defends Music Breaks At Protest Ground

Nigeria has witnessed days-long protests across the country as youths take to the stress to call for an end to police brutality and abuse of human rights in the country. The protests,... Read more »

Nigeria At 60: Lady Narrates The State Of Nigeria In Pictures

These pictures show a young lady identified simply by her Facebook name, Okechukw Ella Ada. This beautiful girl took to her Facebook page to celebrate Nigeria in the most amazing way. Her... Read more »

Anyafulugo @74: 100 Achievers team celebrates Chief Dr Mrs Flora Ilonzo

……say she’s one of God’s gifts to Africa. The 100 Anambra Achievers team has Congratulated Dr Mrs Flora Ilonzo, who marked her 74th birthday recently describing her as God’s special gift to... Read more »
Ife Begins Olojo Festival As Ooni Enters 7-Day Seclusion

Ife Begins Olojo Festival As Ooni Enters 7-Day Seclusion

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, on Sunday moved into Ile Mole, Iremo Quarters, Ile-Ife, for seven-day seclusion as the ancient Olojo Festival kicks off in the city. The... Read more »
AfDB President Adesina & wife mark 36th wedding anniversary (Photos)

AfDB President Adesina & wife mark 36th wedding anniversary (Photos)

President of African Development Bank (AfD), Akinwumi Adesina, celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife, Grace. Adesina, a former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in a tweet on Tuesday night,... Read more »
See The Richest Family In The World 2020

See The Richest Family In The World 2020

Rothschild family are the richest family in the world, if you think Bills or Jeffs family are the richest then you should undo that. The Rothschild family are blessed with money enough... Read more »
Drinking Alcohol is not a Sin, even in Heaven they drink wine – Reno Omokri

Drinking Alcohol is not a Sin, even in Heaven they drink wine – Reno Omokri

Reno omokri has said that Drinking alcohol is not a sin. The Amazon bestseller author added that It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. Even in heaven they drink wine. In a... Read more »
5 Surprising Addictions To Everyday Activities

5 Surprising Addictions To Everyday Activities

Often, when addiction is mentioned, the mind automatically goes to gambling, betting, and drugs. However, people get addicted to different things and it could be a habit, behaviour, or even some products.... Read more »
3 Ways You Can Make Sex More Romantic

3 Ways You Can Make Sex More Romantic

Broaching the important topic of sex can sometimes be uncomfortable for many couples because let’s admit it, many of us are embarrassed about being sexually rejected or about our bodies.Not only that,... Read more »
Marriage Is Not A Thing Of The Church But A Family Affair - Reno Omokri

Marriage Is Not A Thing Of The Church But A Family Affair – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has condemned Church wedding stating that Marriage is not a thing of the Church adding that its purely a Family affair, Traditional. In a video shared online, He added that... Read more »
7 Ways You Can Handle Anxiety

7 Ways You Can Handle Anxiety

As we settle into adulthood, it is unavoidable that every now and then, life gets at us with some of its problems. These problems can lead to anxieties and affect our mental... Read more »
Ways to Lose Weight with Nigerian Food

Ways to Lose Weight with Nigerian Food

We know most people might not think it’s possible to lose weight eating Nigerian food but this is false, we have done it and so are hundreds of people using the basic... Read more »
Things We Did To Get Pregnant Fast By Adenike Adebayo

Things We Did To Get Pregnant Fast By Adenike Adebayo

Media personality, YouTuber and content creator Adenike Adebayo and her hubby Tosin are expecting their first child together. The couple who married in 2017, waited for some months before trying to conceive... Read more »
Sex With Someone

Sex With Someone From Another Household To Become Illegal

Sex in your house with someone from outside of your household is set to become illegal today in England as part of the measures put in place to curtail coronavirus. This comes... Read more »

Friendship: Can You Stay Friends After Sex?

Every relationship has its moments, and so do friendships. Let’s say you have a friend and, along the line, you both start getting sexually attracted to each other. Then you end up... Read more »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship

A lot has been said about having a friend with benefits due to the hassle of keeping a real relationship. With many people thinking that an exclusive relationship comes with too many... Read more »

Sokoto: Gunmen Kill Over 60 People In Three Villages, Residents Flee Homes

The number of people that died may rise as more corpses are being deposited at the mortuary of Sabon Birni General Hospital, it was discovered. Over 60 people were killed on Wednesday... Read more »
No Sex Before Marriage

No Sex Before Marriage: Now This Is Happening 3 Weeks To My Wedding

I could be happy now but the next minute, she changes mood all of a sudden. We dated for over year after someone match make us but this mood swing things continued... Read more »

Chief Eze And Chioma Eze Celebrate 28th Wedding Anniversary ‘A Reminder Of God’s Awesomeness’

By: Eze Chukwuemeka Eze 23rd May, 2020 will be the date that I will be burying my late father inlaw, Sir P. N. Nwaorgu who left us on 3rd March, 2020. This... Read more »

Cheating And Lies Are Not The Reason Why Marriages And Relationships End

Marriage is supposed to be a union that should last until death do the both partners apart. And relationship should reach its set goals which often time happens to be marriage. But... Read more »

Men prepare yourself to handle women when they turn 40 +

When some women turn 40 or 50 years, something major shifts in their personality. They become bolder, more rebellious,more religious, more focused, more opinionated, and more emphatic about what they want. Don’t... Read more »

African Countries Are Moving to Make Masks Mandatory – Key Questions Answered

Many countries, including South Africa and Nigeria in Africa, are moving to make itmandatory to wear non-medical cloth masks when people are outside their homes. The move is seen as a vital... Read more »

Igbo Men Have No Known ‘jewish DNA,’ Controversial Test Shows

Among the Igbo, one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups, there is widespread identification with Jews, and many see themselves as descendants of the biblical Israelites. But a recent test to determine if a group... Read more »
Couple Gets Married In Their Compound

Lockdown: Couple Gets Married In Their Compound In Kaduna State (Photos)

Due to the coronavirus lock down, a couple in Kaduna has gone viral after getting married in their compound. Maintaining social distancing with few people in attendance, the couple were tied together... Read more »

Impact of Lifestyle to Human Health

Lifestyle is a way used by people, groups and nations and is formed in specific geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious text. Lifestyle is referred to the characteristics of inhabitants of a... Read more »

See How to begin the month of Ramadan

Once again, the Muslim world is on the march. Once again, the spiritual rendezvous is here. You and I owe much gratitude to the Almighty for the uncommon privileges He has afforded... Read more »

Opinion: When Your Country Leaders Do Not Respect You Or Treat You Like Human Beings

Our leaders are vision less., no aims and ambitions , no pride or love for their people. severely limited by primitive tribalism and religious bigotry and constrained by large scale sell out... Read more »

Six (6) Reasons Why Women Cheat

Many men have wondered why their women cheat on them – this inclusive to married women. Well, it may sound strange, but people do have reasons why they cheat and that of... Read more »

Opinion: A Difficult Time To Be A Christian By Fr Kelvin Ugwu

This is a very difficult time to be a Christian. More so, this is a very difficult time to be a pastor. More than ever, this is a more difficult time to... Read more »

Religion Moves The North, Politics Moves The West, Ethnicity Moves The East

Over the weekend, it was reported that some rioters torched a police station in Kusada, Katsina State, leading to the death of one person, because of the arrest of an Islamic cleric... Read more »

True Love is better than money – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady identified as seyishae has said that she is not Looking for a rich man to marry me because True Love is better than money. READ BELOW: “Tbh, I’m one... Read more »

Catholic Bishop In UK Celebrates Mass In Isi-Agu Regalia (Photos)

A Catholic Bishop in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and some of his priests were seen recently celebrating mass in isi-agu influenced priestly robes. Read more »

Carefully read through: Married in school but single at Home

Please share with teens, youth and Group Chats that care to read and be Enlightened. Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practicing ‘wifely functions’! Just visit the boys’ hostels and... Read more »

Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls – Nigerian Lady Advises Men

A Nigerian Lady has advised men to stop dating mentally Broke Girls. READ BELOW: STOP DATING MENTALLY BROKE GIRLS “A girl who doesn’t have transport fare to see someone who she claims... Read more »

Foolish Men Maintain Girlfriends, Instead Of Investments By Reno Omokri

“Foolish men maintain girlfriends, instead of investments. An investment you maintain is an asset. It will yield a dividend. A girlfriend you maintain is a liability. She yields bills. Don’t chase women.... Read more »

Valentine Day: Where Is Your Boyfriend Or GirlFriend ?

February 14 has its own peculiar challenges for different individuals. From trying to decide what would be the most thoughtful and romantic gift for your spouse to getting incredibly chafed with your... Read more »

“I Have The Video” Another Social Media Trend 2020

Read more »