Happy 77th Birthday To President Muhammadu Buhari

The President has been getting goodwill messages from within and outside the country over his birthday, notable of them all is the one from his wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari, who took to... Read more »

4 Ways To Get Through Work After A Short Night

It is Detty December and there are parties everywhere, it is time for “Parte after Parte” but this does not rule out the fact that you still have to work. This period,... Read more »

35 countries to participate in 2019 Calabar Carnival

The Carnival Calabar Commission on Wednesday said delegates from 35 countries and 20 Nigerian states would be participating in this year’s forthcoming Calabar Carnival. The commission’s Chairman, Mr Gabe Onah, told the... Read more »

2019 INAC: Ogun woos visitors to explore tourism assets

Ogun State Cultural Troupe performing to the delight of guests at the International Arts and Crafts Expo held at the Federal Capital Territory Exhibition Pavilion, Abuja on Friday The Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Ministry of... Read more »

Kenneth Okonkwo, Tonto Dikeh honoured at Nollywood New Yam Festival

Veteran Nollywood actors Kenneth Okonkwo and Tonto Dikeh have been honoured with cultural titles at the 2019 Nollywood New Yam Festival, an annual thespians’ fiesta, which showcases Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage. The... Read more »

Why Igbo celebrate new yam festival

Dr Peter Olikenyi, popularly known as Ide Omenife, is a native of Umuodochi Abor Lilu in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is a successful businessman in Lagos, notable for his... Read more »

Adeleke family all wore matching outfits as they posed for new family photos

The photo shoot included Davido’s father Adedeji Adeleke, his kids, including Davido, and their spouses. Chioma, Davido’s fiancee, who just gave birth was absent. The grandkids were also present in the photo,... Read more »

Celebration Of Union Made In Heaven!! (The Case Study Of Dr&Barr.Mrs.Dakuku Adol Peterside)

Dr & Barr. Mrs. Dakuku Peterside, The news that today marks your another wedding anniversary gives me and my entire family a great joy and happiness. I must thank God for causing... Read more »

Be Honest, Will You Implement The New Minimum Wage?

I have been hearing most Nigerians chastise Government and Companies for their inability to implement the new minimum wage which I commend. My question is: Are you going to implement it? Your... Read more »

Womenswear Nola Black unveils pre-season 2020 lookbook

Arinola Olowoporoku’s emerging womenswear label, Nola Black, has unveiled its pre-season 2020 which features quirky clothing that is true to the core of the brand. Shot by Miracle Otugo, the lookbook features... Read more »

Nigeria @59: The Journey To Independence

Nigerian History has its root in early civilization of prominent artistry. The Plateau area was the meeting point for cultural influences and agricultural trades. By 500BCE Nok culture flourished. Nok Society (Plateau People)... Read more »

Nigeria @59: 5 Current Facts About Nigeria

Here are all the Interesting facts about Nigeria, information about Nigeria geography, economy, the people’s way of life. I went all out on current happenings in Nigeria and with a more comprehensive and... Read more »

Proliferation of event centres taking toll on National Theatre — Official

The spokesman for the management of National Art Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, Mr Steve Ogundele, has said that the springing up of event centres across the state had taken the shine off the... Read more »

Why is Nigeria so corrupt?

I was on a bus coming to Yenagoa, the Bayelsa statecapital. The bus was filled with fellow travelers of every age and sex. The driver for some reasons, I’m sure due to... Read more »

Unizik Oji Ofor festival: One of South’s East Most participated cultural festivals

By Joshua Nicholas The Comr. Joseph Okafor led Unizik SUG has Thursday hosted the Oji Ofor festival in grand style, making it one of the best cultural events in South Eastern Nigeria.The... Read more »

6 Evidence That Muhammad Was A Prophet

All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad sallallaahu`alayhi wa sallam (may Allah exalt his... Read more »

Will Nigeria ever get better?

Nigeria can get better. And I strongly hope Nigeria gets better soon because that’s the only country I have. Nigeria getting better really depends on a lot of things. But I will... Read more »

4 Ways You Can Become A Better Plus-Size Shopper

Plus-size women deserve sophistication in their style too just like the other body types hence why we have decided to give them these shopping tips. If you’re a plus-size shopper, you would... Read more »

First Time! How Do I kiss?

Wait for him to make the first move. I know, it’s a little old fashioned, but you’re nervous enough! Here are steps to kissing a boy for the first time: 1. Keep... Read more »

6 Signs Of Immaturity In Marriage For Men

1. Rejecting food when there’s an issue:Mr husband, you gave your wife money forfood and after it was prepared you refusedto eat because you are angry. It’s one of the greatest signs... Read more »

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Always Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is a must-have for all of us as it is the most important meal of the day. Having a balanced breakfast is very important to our health and weight management; not... Read more »

Things To Avoid In A Work Environment

The work environment is meant to be relaxing in such a way that you are able to perform mental tasks without your freedom being stifled or feeling mentally drained unnecessarily. There are... Read more »

A Must Read: Complete Facts You Need To Know About Fulani Of Nigeria

This is made all the more important given the fact that history is not taught in Nigerian schools. Let us join hands and walk down the beautiful path of knowledge, truth and... Read more »

4 Things That Must Be Kept Secret In A Relationship

Many people in relationship tend to discuss things that happen in their relationship with their social circle, these often cause issues between them and their partners. Below are some things that must... Read more »