Chief Eze commemorates the 8th year of the Accident that would have wiped out his entire Family

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze a Chieftain of APC in Rivers State with deep, unalloyed and sincere gratitude to God Almighty commemorates the 8th year of the accident that would have wiped out his entire Family

In a statement circulated to journalists to mark the event, Chief Eze recalled that, “the awesomeness of God is never in doubt! How He secured the Lives of Evang. Ada Chioma Henrietta Eze my wife and five of our children in a fatal accident that involved my Jeep with a DAF Trailer not only testifies how Great our God is but how Merciful He can be towards His children.”

According to him, “this accident that occurred on the fateful day of 21st December, 2011 when my family was coming back home for Xmas from Yola the State capital of Adamawa State will ever remain a mystery to the world!!

He said: “Imagine an encounter between a trailer with full load of flour with a mere Jeep and instead of crashing and squeezing the Jeep accordingly it was the trailer that was overturned and destroyed. Instead of those in the Jeep been crashed to death it was the other way round!! Wow! Wow!! Wow!! We serve a Living God!!!”

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Text of the statement reads: “To the Glory of God, today 21st December, 2018 marks the 8th Memorial of this great event. An event that if not for God, we would have been mourning the death of my guardian angel (Wife) and five of our God’s great gifts (our children) including our then driver Musa today.

According to my wife who witnessed the glorious event, “I was awake during the accident, when the Jeep encountered the trailer, I saw the Jeep flying while I and the kids were in a sort of enclosure and after the accident the Angel of God remove the enclosure after ensuring that nothing happened to me or any of my kids but the trailer was so battered killing both the Trailer Driver and his two conductors! Somebody should tell me where such an incident ever happened in this world where a trailer encounters a smaller car and the people in the smaller car survived while the people in the trailer were all dead, if not demonstration God’s might and power?.

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“As you join us to celebrate the goodness of God towards me and my family on this auspicious day, let me as well mention another mysterious event that also occurred in October, 2017 when a life bullet shot at my wife got neutralized by the Almighty God Himself!!

“The bullet instead of penetrating through the glass of the Jeep my wife was driving was instead spiritually forced to penetrate through the rubber holding the front row side glass of the passenger’s side. Imagine a life bullet to be held by a mere rubber without any harm to the car. The Pix attached explains it better

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“In conclusion, my brothers, sisters and friends I implore you to join us once again to celebrate this great God for His Mercies Endureth for Ever

“Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year To all”

Source: Chf Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

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