Chief Of Army Staff Vs Chief Of Defence – Who’s More Superior?

I hope it’s chief of the army because I’ve never heard of defence chief in the news, Is that position potent? because to me Buratai is closer to the president than any military officers today in Nigeria. Someone even said there are some military officers Buratai do salute is that true?.

Does Buratai have total control of the army? can he plan a successful coup? are there some officers Buratai do salute ( I mean does he also have seniors )?

My questions are endless because I argued with someone today about the army.

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During our argument, someone said

Chief of defence staff is superior and all the service chiefs report to him in paper, rank and reality.

The defence chief is the head of defence headquarters with 4-star rank while others are 3 star although the rank does not really mean again cos there are so many 4 star generals working under Buratai. I met one of those superior generals still working under Buratai even dough most of them are always given a compulsory retirement for the fear of sabotage and coup. everything is an appointment not really by merit again.

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From brigadier general to major general to lieutenant general to general and the last one is Marshal but people hardly get to this last star even across the world the last star is not that common.

God forbid any war or coup defence chief will be the one to take over.

I think why he is not that popular is because he is not working directly with the grassroots…most people don’t know him but the truth is that Buratai and other chiefs act on his directives!

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Another person said;

In all chief of army staff is d most powerful, he has direct power of deployment and redeployment hence commands more loyalty. He also reports directly to the president. Chief of defence staff is more of administrative position; he is mainly in charge of preparing a budget for d armed forces.

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