Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Challenges New General Overseer

Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, at the 64th Annual Convention and installation of a new General Overseer of the Foursquare Gospel Church held on Sunday November 17, 2019 in Abeokuta, Ogun State, took time to share his relationship status with the church before going into his message for the newly installed General Overseer, Rev Samuel Aboyeji.

At the installation which was well attended with faithful and invited guests alike, Obasanjo, who himself has a degree in theology gave a simple but challenging message and task to all those in attendance, more particularly to Rev Aboyeji.

He congratulated the Church on the landmark changing of baton between the outgoing and incoming general Overseers.

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Reading from the book of Luke 4:18-19. Addressing everyone the former president said, “Christ’s Mission is clear, Children of God what is your mission? Admonishing them further, he went on to say, as Christians, we have to be like Christ as we are transformed into likeness of Christ, or we are led to Christ. So in all positions, situations and events, we should be guided by asking ourselves, If Christ was in this position, or in this situation, or in this event what would he have done?

I want you to leave here with two words in addition to what you have heard during this convention and this morning, and the two words are; If Christ. What would Christ do if he was in the position you have found yourself? You knowing his mission and understanding his life. You go from glory to glory if you do what Christ would have done. Children of God, clergy and laity, we have a lot to do in the situation we find ourselves in this country today. I make no mistakes about it, if we don’t get together and stay together, we will be devoured piece meal, and that, we should not take lightly. That means for me, that, if Christ was in Nigeria today, he wouldn’t keep quiet, he would say it as it should be said, he would speak the truth to power, he would have no fear, he would have no intimidation. Children of God, we have responsibility, to do and to say what Jesus Christ would have done if he was in Nigeria today. So I say, go do likewise, if Christ…then be like Him.

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The theme of the convention is ‘From Glory to glory’.

Rev Samuel Aboyeji has a career span of over 23 years in the corporate world, eight of which was with a multi-national company. He has been a member of the Foursquare Gospel Church for 31 years, rising through the ranks.

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