#Christmas: Dr. Nnabu, Ebonyi Environment Commissioner vows to resist squalor, filth

Dr. Nnabu

FEW days to Christmas celebration, Ebonyi State Commissioner for Environment, Grants and Donor Agencies, Dr. Richard Nnabu said anyone caught dumping wastes indiscriminately because of Christmas anywhere in the state will be strictly dealt with in accordance with the Environmental Laws of the State.
“We know our people will be coming home for Christmas Season, where they will clear their surroundings, dispose rickety properties and liter our good roads with wastes all in the name of Christmas” he stated.
“We will not accept that” he vowed.

In a release signed by Collins Azu his Media Aide, Dr. Nnabu, observed “that mountains and mounds of wastes generated during previous Christmas celebrations of successive administrations found their way to the street were eyesores—an embarrassments to the state”.
He insisted that wastes associated with Christmas celebration must not find their way to the street, but to dumpsite.
“To say every Christmas, the amount of waste produced increases to about 30 or 40 or thereabouts percent, is to say the least. It becomes an eyesore, an embarrassments to a state on the same pedestal with development nations, if such wastes are dumped in our designated locations”, he lamented.
These “wastes”, he continued include an estimated 365,000 kilometers of unrecyclable wrapping papers, seasons greetings cards that end up in the street”.
“So imagine a scenario where rather than deposing in them in our designated bins, these wastes are dumped on the street”!
“And so, we will not allow such squalor in Ebonyi State.
“The administration of His Excellency, Engr. David Umahi, FNSE, FNATE, has so transformed the state from backwater state to enviable states with verifiable good governance”.
“Some has filthiness as a lifestyle. With awe inspiring aesthetics put in place by this government, our people are morally bound to keep it clean and not return us to our sorry states in the name of Christmas”.
“Of course our Environmental Marshalls from next week will be dispatched to all the 171 Development Centres to enforce compliance”.
“No squalor, I repeat, will be in allowed anywhere, irrespective of defaulters’ creed, sociopolitical and economic leanings”, he vowed.

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