Cleric charges Muslims on adherence to Islamic ethics

                         Two stories of Islamic ethics in practice Putting ethics into practice

Muslims have been enjoined to uphold the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This was the crux of the public awareness lecture with the theme: ‘Islamic ethics: A Bedrock for a Blissful Life’ organised by Abuja chapter of Al-Akhwaatul Muslimaat Organisation held at Nurul-Bayan International Academy, Wuse Zone 5, on Sunday.

The guest speaker, Dr Nurudeen Adeshina, said ethics is as old as Islam and must be based on Al-Quran and Sunnah of the prophet SAW.

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He said: “The bedrock of the ethics of the prophet is the Noble Quran. Islamic ethics is the characteristics of what is right and wrong based on the teachings of the Quran. Therefore, we should not be short of it.

“We compromise a lot of things set by Allah because we think we are not going to have a good life; but, we are not living a peaceful life because we are living by social standard. If you are closer to Allah your enjoyment will be more. If we are far from Allah our suffering will be more. To live a blissful life we must be close to Allah.

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“We (Muslims) must have modesty and respect for Allah and fellow being, be truthful and shun gossip, backbiting and making jest of others. If you must gist, let us gist about things of Allah, ourselves and the future of our children and the hereafter. We should not be haste in judging people when we hear about them whether on social media or otherwise.

“Every system has designed a framework to live a blissful life. We brought the Islamic ethics because of the defects that we identity in conventional ways of doing things. There is a vacuum and it is that vacuum that the Islamic ethics had come to fill and the need to discuss it.

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“The more Muslims adhere themselves to Quran and Sunnah the more the ethical vacuum will be filled and it will now translate to the larger society that will lead to blissful life,” he said.

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