Communiqué: Ohaukwu LGA Stakeholders Reject Umahi, APC


*Preamble:* Consequent upon recent developments in the State viz-a-viz the PDP, it became imperative that the PDP in Ohaukwu L.G.A should meet. Arising from the massively attended meeting at Practicing School, Izhia Junction yesterday 30th November, 2020, the following were resolved that:

1. The PDP Stakeholders in Ohaukwu clearly and unequivocally reaffirm their support to the cause of the People’s Democratic Party in Ebonyi State under the able leadership of the Caretaker Committee Chairman, Elder Fred Udeogu and his team

2. We also reaffirm that our leader in Ohaukwu remains His Excellency Senator Dr Sam. Ominyi Egwu and that he is the father of everyone.

3. Having meticulously x-rayed the recent developments in the State especially with respect to the unfounded allegations by Governor David Umahi on notable persons in Ebonyi State and most especially on a very revered and respected personality of His Excellency Senator Dr Sam O. Egwu, we considered it fitting to respond to the Governor in a manner befitting of his infantile and seemingly confusing language and approach. We therefore state that:

i. It is most unfortunate that the way politics is played here, people usually do not have respect for others who are by all means and standards over and far above them.

ii. The Governor’s reaction and speech depicts that of an inordinate ambitious drowning fellow who in that helpless state appears to be suffering from amnesia. This is because, His Excellency Senator Dr Sam Egwu and Distinguished Senator Anyim Pius Anyim and others he is insulting today made him anything and everything he thinks he is today.

iii. Even if his lack of respect for elders and statesmen would be tolerated elsewhere, we in Ohaukwu have decent culture and cannot afford to stomach our elders being insulted, moreso by a person whose lack of character and integrity is of towering magnitude and dimension. It is therefore fitting to remind the governor that with the exception of his being a governor, he has never attained and may never attain the height Senator Egwu has attained in life.
Governor Umahi whose highest qualification is a B. Sc in civil engineering gotten from our own local Anambra State University with no other experience in life other than what is akin to hooliganism and fraud lacks the grounds to insult a polished, world-class, humane and gentle leader like Senator Egwu who holds a Ph.D degree; fought for the creation of Ebonyi State as a much younger person; had been a commissioner for Education; had been a two-term governor; had been one of the most celebrated and articulate Minster for Education and a two-term senator.

iv. We state that, much as we know that the Governor’s allegations are unfounded and clearly represents efforts in futility of an utterly confused fellow about to be swallowed in the ditch of his own greed, we also wish to let the public know that if Senators Egwu, Anyim, etc are sponsors of the IPOB, Cult groups and general violence as alleged by the Governor, then governor Umahi who is a renowned beneficiary of all that prior to his defection recently is not just a member of them all, but may even be their captain.

v. We equally want the general public to compare His Excellency Senator Dr Sam Egwu with Mr Umahi. If Senator Sam Egwu who prior to being a governor is known for his humane nature by all and sundry and whom as a governor developed human beings through free education and by sending many Ebonyians abroad for studies etc there by building human capacity and developing both institutions and individuals is now the sponsor of the IPOB and cultism as alleged, and he is behind any ploy to cause violence in Ebonyi, the state he laboured so much to build, then the world should tell us whom David Umahi whose strategy is to starve Ebonyians to hunger, subject them to inhuman and degrading treatments and to cow them down by all means of threat and bullying is. The world should tell us if Umahi whose only way to empowering youth is to share cutlass and at best give keke NAPEP to university graduates is not the one indirectly sponsoring not just IPOB but everything evil. The world should tell us whom Umahi who denies workers decent conditions of service, starves them almost to death, threatens them and bullies their union heads is.         
4. We very clearly understand that Umahi casting aspersions on the personality of Senator Sam Egwu is a clear manifestation of his age long disregard for and neglect of Ohaukwu people made manifest in his inability to do any  project for us as he did for other communities save for the flyover he is doing at the trans-saharan Highway. Even at that, we want him to understand that as our name implies, we are a self-sustaining great people will not comfortably stomach any insult from anybody no matter how highly placed.

5. As characteristic of us from Ohaukwu, we want to advise Umahi. We want to tell him that we from Ohaukwu have been privileged to occupy the position he is occupying today and for close to two decades before him. We therefore have more experience occasioned by longer duration in office than him. We consequently want to advise him that if he continues this way, he might either be heading for the gallows or for the ditch much faster than such has been destined for him. He should therefore thread with more caution or be prepared to end very badly in the light of history.

6. Much as it is in our character to respect our elders and constituted authorities, we also want governor Umahi to know that we cannot, under any guise allow him or his cronies to insult any son or daughter of Ohaukwu, moreso Senator Dr Sam  Egwu. We want him to be aware that any attempt to met such insult on any of us will be resisted with utmost vehemence.

7. We sincerely thank our teaming followers and supporters for their consistency and assure them that PDP is still and has always been the party that has the interest of the masses at heart. Together we take Ebonyi back from the monstrous grip of a Machiavellian dictator and hand it back to leaders with human face.

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