Compulsory Use Of Face Masks And Social Distancing

Face masks

By: Dr Vero Okechukwu.

The reality of Coronavirus is still being doubted by many in rural areas of Anambra State. This is very disappointing!!!
It explains the fact that our people are still crowded at markets and without Face Masks. Driving from Idemili South Local Government Area to Awka yesterday, Tuesday, 5 May, 2020, I could count 3 persons wearing Face masks. The sad aspect of this is that a few Women I stopped to interrogate had face masks in their bags. I had to sensitize them on the very important preventive role of Face masks.
The case of Taiwan should be an eye opener to us. Taiwan never had a lockdown; all their Malls, markets, schools, offices remained open throughout the period. However, they were practising Social distancing and strick wearing of Face masks. Surprisingly, they had very little number of infection cases and less than 7 deaths. Despite their sharing border with China. It is therefore very important that Social distancing and strict adherence to the wearing of Face masks must be enforced in Anambra State and Nigeria at large.
Our Governor, HE Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano, Akpokuodike, has worked relentlessly towards ensuring that Anambra State is COVID-19 free.
We were on lockdown for a period of time, Governor Willie Obiano built World Class Isolation Centres, distributed palliative materials to the elderly and the Youths. On the other hand, Our Mum, Chief Dr Lady Ebelechukwu Obiano, Osodieme, distributed palliative materials to the indigent persons and Correctional Centers. So many individuals did the same in our Villages, Towns and Local Government Areas.
Now, that the Government has decided to lift the lockdown, we were advised to continue keeping safe by adhering to the World Health Organisation, WHO, NCDC and Government guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19;
— constant washing of hands with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds.
— use of sanitizers
— wearing of Face masks
— avoiding touching of our mouth, nose, eyes.
— Personal Hygiene
— avoiding crowded places; Social distancing
It is pertinent to note that the wearing of Face masks and Social distancing are key preventive measures as we go about our daily activities. We should not expect the Government to do everything for us. We should learn to take care of our lives and consequently, the lives of others.
I urge our Traditional Rulers, the President Generals, the Women’s Leaders and all in Leadership positions in our villages and Towns to rise and take the Bull by the horn. There should be adequate and constant sensitization in our Communities.
The Church should play a great role in this regard too.
Communities should engage Town Criers to sensitize members of the Communities on the importance of wearing Face Masks whenever we are leaving our homes.
The COVID-19 Task Force of different Communities and Markets should rise to their responsibilities and enforce the wearing of Face Masks. Defaulters should be punished, as deterrents to others.
All significant adults in the Society should help in ensuring that both children and adults around them comply to the guidelines.
Please, let Political Appointees think home. It’s not just enough to handover Face Masks to the President Generals, extra effort should be made to ensure that the Face Masks are adequately utilized and more made available where there is shortage of supply in the community.
Please, let’s continue to be proactive and ensure tight security in our borders. Thank God for the lives of all who have been working tirelessly to secure our borders. God bless you all !!!

The fight against COVID-19 calls for our collective effort.
Let’s contribute our quota towards ensuring that Anambra State remains COVID-19 free.


Dr Vero Okechukwu,
SSA to the Governor on Political Matters .

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