Continuous Silence Of South East Governors On Nnamdi Kanu’s Case: Implications!

Ever since Nnamdi Kanu mysteriously resurfaced in Nigeria, under very controversial circumstances, the 5 South Eastern Governors under their umbrella of South East Governors Forum, has not officially commented on the matter.
The controversies that mired his repatriation back to Nigeria, is a very solid ground for anyone to comment. To that end, many people have commented on the issue.
Unsurprisingly, comments in Nigeria quickly snowballed into political interests; such that most Northern APC affiliated politicians are singing praises of the Federal Government’s efforts that culminated in Kanu’s repatriation back to Nigeria; whereas most Southern analysts have continued to question the legality of the entire operation that led to his repatriation to Nigeria. As usual, a highly polarized Nigeria is revealed.
A whole lot of interested parties have been commenting on Kanu’s case, but the most important party – South East Governors Forum, has not uttered any official public comment. Their continuous silence, portends far reaching danger. It simply reinforced the appearance of Political Cowardice, and when an appearance persists for long, it will start taking real form!
Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation gathered surging momentum in South East, when it became clear that the Political Interest of the region is of no serious importance to our Political leaders, instead, what we have been witnessing is a multiplicity of chaotic personal political interests of our politicians, always taking a center stage. The palpable marginalization of Ndigbo, has persisted unabated, yet our politicians are perpetually lackadaisical about the whole thing, hence a huge Power Vacuum which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu tried to fill up in his own way. His methodology is truly controversial in some aspects, but like the saying goes, half bread is better than none. There is literally no True Representative of Collective Igbo Interest at the National level, hence the necessity of any type of antidote, which Mazi Kanu and his IPOB tried to provide.
Nnamdi Kanu did not mislead anyone; Nnamdi Kanu did not brainwash anyone; Nnamdi Kanu did not coerced anyone into supporting his campaign, rather, the brazen political marginalization of Ndigbo from the National Level, and the Political Isolation of the masses by our own politicians, galvanized the massive voluntary support Mazi Kanu quickly gained. To make matters worse, our politicians, particularly the Governors, continued to live in self denial, until the case escalated to this level.
Like it, hate it, take it or leave it, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is widely regarded as a political messiah by an average Igbo person. South East, ie Igbo race, is one of the most difficult people to convince on the planet, but as it stands now, even a fair number of sound elites and intellectuals, over 95% if the ordinary masses, are strongly behind him, either openly or secretly. The earlier the 5 Governors understand this reality, the better for everyone. Their Silence, which we do not know whether it’s as a result of arrogance or cowardice, is really complicating things for Ndigbo. It is compounding the protracting Igbo issue in Nigeria.
It is now clear that the Federal Government of Nigeria flagrantly violated multiple internationally stipulated due process in their so called interception and repatriation of Nnamdi Kanu. What actually happened, is worse than Extraordinary Rendition. The Governors ought to have summoned courage to publicly ask for explanations. Igbos are widely known for courage and bravery, but the attitudes of this 5 Governors, is a far cry from bravery.
Nnamdi Kanu’s case presents a wonderful opportunity for Igbo politicians to engage the Federal Government of Nigeria for a better and fairer deal for Ndigbo. If our Governors are truly Igbo leaders, now is the time to legitimately demand for a structural recalibration of Nigeria, such that it would reflect a fairer and better society for all the ethnic nationalities that makes up Nigeria.
Kanu is the proverbial sacrificial lamb that could gain liberation for the entire people. Secession is an option, it’s not a crime to agitate for Self Determination, it is one of our innate Rights as Humans, but it should be the last option. Nnamdi Kanu has not committed any felony that warrants what he is passing through right now.
But our greatest disappointment right now, is the appearance of complete helplessness on the parts of our Political leaders, particularly the Governors.
Arc Ifeanyi Obute writes from Enugu. He’s a public affairs analyst, and sociopolitical commentator.
He’s also the South East coordinator of Eyes on Democracy of Nigeria (EDON).

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