Coronavirus: 20 Things You Must know as Govt Eases Lockdown

…How to Stay Safe in Anambra State!

Today, being Monday, May 4 is the beginning of the phasal easing of lockdown occassioned by the Coronavirus Pandemic in Anambra State cum Nigeria.

Here are 20 very crucial things you must know that will assist you and your family to Stay Safe:

  1. What is happening in Kano and Lagos can happen here or anywhere if we repeat the same mistakes they made before now.
  2. Easing the lockdown does not mean we should start moving around unnecessarily, intermingle carelessly or start partying.
  3. Do not leave your house except when it is extremely necessary.
  4. If you must; Do not leave your house without Face Mask and do not discuss or do business with anyone not wearing a Face Mask… It’s an offence not to wear face mask when outside your house.
  5. Do not come into Anambra State or receive anyone from outside the State… It’s an offence to do so at this time.
  6. Avoid any gathering of up to 10 persons no matter how you trust the people.
  7. Always maintain Social Distancing everywhere you go; church, market, vehicles, anywhere.
  8. Do not eat or drink in bars and restaurants… You’re advised to make use of “Take-Away” Services.
  9. Anyone around you could be carrying the virus and any surface like table, seat or money can be contaminated… Be very cautious.
  10. Always wash your hands regularly with soap or use alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  11. Avoid Fake News and share only stories you are very sure of.
  12. Report any new returnee you know and win lots of prizes… Just follow @DEOAnambra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and report anyone entering Anambra State.
  13. Call the State Health Emergency Operations Hotlines if you observe any symptoms of Coronavirus… Call 0903 472 8047 or SMS 0907 428 5546 or WhatsApp 0903 380 5959.
  14. Report anyone breaking any of these rules as the carelessness of one person can lead to the deaths of many… Call 0703 919 4332 or 0803 687 7447 or 0806 097 0639.
  15. There’s curfew from 8pm to 6am daily… No movement at all within this period.
  16. Obey all the rules as directed to avoid unnecessary arguments with the security agencies which may lead to unforeseen circumstances.
  17. All Students should Stay at Home… Join Anambra Teach-On-Air Program on Anambra Broadcasting Service
  18. Don’t be idle… Register on the Digipreneur Hub platform for free online courses on Self Development, Value Reorientation and Digital Entrepreneurship.
  19. Be your brother’s keeper… Share what you can with your neighbour; no matter how small.
  20. Share this message to all your contacts, family and friends to create awareness and save lives.
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Engr Ifeanyi ANIAGOH
DG, Digital Entrepreneurship Office

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