Coronavirus: A Slap To Christianity As Churches In Nigeria Accepts Not To Hold Service

Our world, as we know it, has been turned upside down by the coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus has not just exposed our fragility as human beings, but has also raised our awareness of our interconnectedness as people sharing one planet with viruses and microbes. Nigeria as a country is never an exception which made Federal government of Nigeria to short down church activities in the country as a way to control the spread of this deadly virus. In a country whose easy dalliance with the supernatural is legendary, this is not surprising. In moments of political, social and ecological crises, Nigerians should have turn to God collectively in various church areas, supposedly for guidance. Such challenges are seen through the prism of religion. In a country with a highly educated and exposed population, pandemic like COVID-19 are still said to be caused by the devil and other dark forces which is a slap to all the churches in Nigeria to have accepted to stay at home when they are needed most to pray together in their designated areas. It is a test to the faith of the Christians just as the devil tested the faith ofJesus by telling him to bow down to him in order to hand over the earth government to him (Matthew 4:8-9) but Jesus stood his feet. This is what Christians would have done not surprising in a country where nearly 75 per cent of the population are Christians.

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