Coronavirus: Law Of Karma Visiting Our Political Leaders

Many Nigerians are pleased with the Corona karma visiting our leaders. Others are urging empathy, saying it’s only human no matter the reason that justifies the lack thereof. A regular theme in our national conversations whenever evil befalls our politicians. A pointless debate too.

It remains to be seen how public empathy or its suspension impacts health. In fact, Nigerian politicians live long, healthy lives in spite of millions wishing them the opposite. Young people, good humans-they die daily regardless of the goodwill produced en mass on their behalf. It boils down to science, and the Hand that controls Fate.

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At the most, public empathy is just psychology, which is fine though I fail to note the impact in reality. Those hoarding it against mindless power merely derive a sense of emotional justice: all humans at some level feel some relief that an armed robber, a terrorist, a murderer, etc., has met his match. With ruthless politicians, our moral perception of this appears to shift. Those overly invigilating this public emotion surprise me: they probably believe it has actual powers.

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