Coronavirus: President Buhari Approves N30k Relief Fund To Every Nigerian With Verified BVN to stay at home

The Federal Government of Nigeria has announced to give out N30k to every Nigerian who has a verified BVN account. The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina said “the N30000 relief fund will be given to every Nigerian with verified BVN account. I am sure the fund will go a long way to help Nigerians stock up their home during the stay at home order by the Government.” ‘We have tabled about 40 Millions Nigerians with valid BVN, the relief fund will be disbursed by the Ministry of Finance starting from today or latest tomorrow. Nigerian will start receiving credit alert to their bank account.” The relief fund will only be given through BVN so it will be waste of time to start rushing to open many accounts.” In the gesture, the central bank of Nigeria has tabled about N10b credit funds to small businesses and individual for quick loan during the trial period, Nigerians advised getting more information on how to access the loan. Nigeria is in a partial lockdown with Lagos State and Abuja badly affected. Nigeria cases of coronavirus have hit 81 with Lagos State on the lead followed by Abuja. Also, one death has been recorded and 3 has been discharged.

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  1. Confirm Baba, that should be the Wonderful Ideas so far..
    Thanks so Much Mr President if true the FG are willing to Convey this to All Nigerians;we do really Appreciate Sir!!

    1. That will be wonderful. And that will be the only moral justification for lockdown. Or else, how will you be justified if you lock people inside and not make provision for palliative. A larger percentage of Nigerian are are surviving on what they get daily from their businesses.. Thanks to Mr President.

  2. Thank you so much Sir Baba we are now improve i hope tomorrow i will receiving credit alert on my phone

  3. Hum, it’s about money ehh? it is one thing to say and another thing to do. If what the president have done is true, I praise him for that. But for this to come to pass; I doubt it. With the kind of persons we have at the gate as I doubt if this money will get to it’s proper destination.

  4. I am waiting for the alart to come then I will believe, because I don’t trust anything in this government anymore

  5. If Nigeria do as they say, it will really help its citizens but am still wondering what will happen to those whose BVNs are not verified.

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