Coronavirus: Things Government Must Do Now


In order to defeat this coronavirus pandemic and get the economy to starting working fast, we must adopt now a strategic testing and isolation method.

The Strategic Testing and Isolation method is the testing and isolation of essential workers in group based on their importance to the society in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and getting the economy to start working again fast.

The grouping and Isolation of Essential workers will
1: Keep Critical Sectors working
2: Protect their immediate family from getting infected.
3: Help to provide quick testing and treatment to the essential workers.
4: Help us to defeat the virus fast.

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*: Health Workers
*: Security Personnel
*: Para Military
*: The Presidency, Governors, LG Chairman
*: Power
*: Telecommunication
*: Banks Personnel handling ATM especially.
*: Journalist
*: Drugs Factories Workers
*: Consumable Factories
*: Transporters

Hotels can be used for the isolations.

Note: Most others can work from home.

Once the essential workers are protected, we can then move to other sectors

Ensure Essential Worker Dress up in full Hazmat Suits

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Hazmat suits come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, some of which are higher up on the anti-disaster scale than others. But essentially, hazmat suits act as a barrier, formed by plastic, fabric and rubber, along with an independent source of oxygen. Simpler suits can be slipped on to protect against, say, some kind of dangerous liquid, whereas more advanced variations can become completely airtight to defend against airborne contaminants and toxic chemicals — which is what we’d want in the current coronavirus scenario

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