Covid-19: Buhari Vs Phantoms, Spirits, Malice And Sheikh Zakzaky

Sheikh Zakzaky and buhari

As the cases of the COVID-19 Virus looms over the entire world, threatening to bring its scourge to Nigeria as it has done around the world, the detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenah Ibrahim in an unhealthy and crowded Kaduna prison; presents us with the picture we have striven to clarify to all for the past five years by our protests. We the protesters are witnesses to the haunting memory of the Terror Raid of December 2015 in Zaria. When the popularly and newly elected Government of Major General Buhari Rtd; led a massacre of innocent citizens that was portrayed to be a popular anti-terrorism operation. We protest.

During the Buhari-led terror operation, which was lavishly covered with justification propaganda by NTA. The Nigerian Army under the Authority of Major General Muhammadu Buhari Rtd. Carried out a rampage in which more than a thousand People were ruthlessly killed with extreme prejudice. Such as when Army personnel pulled the elder sister of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and shoved her into a room full of people, locked it from behind and set it ablaze. In the same counter-terrorism operation, the Nigerian Army went on to comb through the rubble in search of Sheikh Zakzaky.

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When a Unit of the First Division of the Nigerian Army found the father of three sons that had been killed almost just a year ago, they spread automatic fire, killed three more of his sons. Then they pulled Sheikh Zakzaky over the bloody corpses of his three murdered sons. They pulled their mother, Zeenah Ibrahim over the same gruesome scene as well. The couple where pulled and carried over the charred, burning and bleeding remains of the dead and the dying. The unfortunate victims were then dumped in mass graves under the supervision of the Kaduna state government led by Nasiru El-Rufai. We have been peacefully protesting against this blatantly criminal use of excessive force by the Nigerian Army and continue to Protest.

Under the administration of Muhammadu Buhari who was formerly a Major General in the institution that is the Nigerian Army this violent act could have been expected as a ploy to project strength. Subjected to repression at maximum force, with extreme prejudice by all arms of the popularly elected administration of Buhari. All our peaceful and lawful protests since December 2015 have been met with all manner of excessive violence by all the arms of the Buhari led Government of Nigeria. All the senseless violence and mayhem of the Buhari led campaign has been ruthlessly exercised to the fullest of all extents against our human rights, civil rights and free speech. We Protest.

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Of the survivors of the carnage nearly two hundred men women and children were subsequently imprisoned and charged with culpable homicide for the death of Corporal Dan Kaduna for a collective period of five years. It took their legal representatives, years to establish the overwhelmingly clear evidence that Mr. Dan Kaduna was in fact killed by what was then conveniently termed as friendly fire. After five years of imprisonment, the Nigerian Judicial system finally acquitted and ordered the release of all the victims of the Nigerian Army’s 2015 operation.

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The regime led by the retired Major-General Buhari and his government continues to defy court judgments whenever it suites them. Like a gang of high-status gangsters, they use what they can, when they can. The COVID-19 epidemic has made their lucrative profession that much easier. The strategy is to lock everyone up, impoverish anyone at will. Send the yet to be impoverished people to harass and kill. Divide and rule in order to maintain the image of a popular serial killer and a systematic murderer that is determined to kill everyone through official methods. Why is Buhari and his cabal so determined to kill Sheikh Zakzaky. Why is everyone so determined to kill the father of six and many more that were massacred in a 2015 operation by the 1st Division of the Nigerian Army.

Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
For the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria

19 April, 2020

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