COVID-19: Chinese city of Shenzhen prohibits eating dog-cat meat

China, Asia (INL): China’s Guangdong province main city Shenzhen has closed its tradition of eating dog and cat meat. Shenzhen is the first city in China where wild animals are banned. The BBC Online reported on Thursday, Aprin 2 .

The new law came into force in Shenzhen from 1st May. Since that day no one in the city has been able to sell and eat dog and cat meat.

Authorities in Shenzhen City have taken the decision after reports from China that the coronavirus was spread from the marine animal market or through an animal such as bats.

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According to a human rights organization working on animal rights, 300 million dogs are killed in Asia every year to meet the demand for meat.

However, Most of the chinese people are do not eat dog meat. They also do not favor eating such meat in the future. In some regional people are accustomed to eating animal flesh.

Dr Peter Lee, a member of the Humane Society International, said that 10 million dogs and 400,000 cats are killed every year in China to meet the demand for meat.

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Earlier in February, the Chinese government stopped buying and selling all types of wild animals due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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