Covid-19: Fear Not, Obiano Is Not Your Fear

By Comr Harris Chuma

Believe, ndi Anambra know the guber aspirants who are currently campaigning with Covid 19 pandemic. The desperate politicians take delight in our common adversary, but God will not allow them rule over us. Time shall tell. We shall remind them who they are really.
They can pay the media attack dogs to run after the state government,but cannot topple it. They can spend millions of naira on jobless youths using social media to run campaign of hatred, publish malicious contents, desecrate the office of the executive governor, but cannot occupy the highly coveted seat not even in their day dreams. These political desperadoes can play politics with even their own lives. Better be reminded that he who lives by sword dies by sword.

Truth be told, I’m not a government employee and have not cashed home largesse from the present government. Chief Willie Obiano’s government since inception have not given me 1kobo, and nobody from the government circle approached me for media support, but I will not keep quiet while the reigns of abuses on the government of the day last. It is my primary assignment to defend and promote what I believed in, voted for, worked for during the electioneering period, and now enjoys relative good governance and productive leadership. I am of the personal view and understanding that Gov Obiano have not failed. Those who see me as government paid agent are very far from knowing what I represent, my philosophy, character and stlye of living. One who considers me as a praise singer is bereft of native wisdom, blind to truth and naked to livewires.

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Constitutionally speaking, you have the right to advise the government where you think its policy is not working as envisaged, you can make constructive criticisms, and not engulfed in vendetta driven mission, fired up by greed and selfish interest. Let me say this once more, I was part of the great team who worked relentlessly to return Gov Obiano for second term in office, and one who have been on the frontline asking the government to conduct LGA elections, power should return to the grass root people. This call for LGA elections, have been the prominent area I am really quite in disagreement with the APGA led state government. Be it known, however, that I have no doubt in the ability of Gov Obiano to do the needful at his own pace.

It is unpatriotic for any man worth his onions who understands the prevalent dance at the moment to politicise covid 19 as it concerns ndi Anambra, and the government. Those politicians who think that they are having funfilled day, running the current administration down are ignorant of what the time is. They are blindly basking in the euphoria of their own folly. As it borders on 2021 guber tussle, know that nothing is new under the sun, and the rain does not fall on one man’s rooftop. We shall all meet at the trenches in due course, and only the fittest will survive the political torrence that would be witnessed. For now, Covid 19 is here upon us and must be defeated. It is advisable we sheath swords, and come together as ndi Anambra with “ofuobi” to fight and win this global war against Covid 19. Nations are on their knees right now, in advance countries noone is talking about party affliations, USA does not recognise Democrats or Republicans at the moment, everybody is fighting for the survival of America and citizens. Lagos state opposition parties are currently working with the APC led government to curb the devastating menace of Covid 19. Anambra oppposition parties should not be saddled with daily ranting on social media, recruiting and paying some media influencers just to riddicule and rubbish the profound effort and strategises deployed by the state government to combat the encroaching evil called covid 19.

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Over the years, I have sponsored several media summits,conferences, and colloquim on the need to shun fake news, hate speech, and character defamation using socil media in Anambra, I have out of my meagre earnings at workplace saved and funded media awards, media parley, and hangouts just to educate online media practitioners to practise within the acceptable journalism standards. It has been quite rewarding seeing young people making good use of their time on social media networks, but the desperate politicians who are determined to wreck the ship out of selfish reasons have been frustrating our efforts to sanitise the media space in Anambra. They have one mission, pull the Obiano led government down and chase him out of town. Many of these politicians think we do not know why they want things “scattered”, they think the media industry in Anambra is like “ochanja” market where you buy anything at your own price. We have men with good conscience within the online media community, men whose body, soul and mind have not been corrupted by these desperate politicians. Appreciable number of individuals who can always stand and speak truth to power, rougged, and rough, fearless and tough. These are the real men in the system not “pay me I write for you” gang. And at the right time, these men with conscience will cease the airwaves and give account of how every politician responded to Covid 19, the gimmicks, the plots, the games, and the drama.

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To be continued…..

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