Covid-19: Financial Implications Will Be Sorted Out To Those Willing To Come Back – Fed Govt To Nigerians In Morocco

Nigerians stuck in Kingdom of Morocco with strict lockdown measures say they are unable to follow official travel advice to return home as soon as possible and are pleading for more government assistance to navigate local roadblocks.
On this note, did Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria decided to announce to the Nigerian community in Kingdom of Morocco that the Federal Government of Nigeria is making necessary provisions to provide assistance to Nigerian nationals requiring necessary evacuation back to Nigeria.
However, Federal Government on this note emphasized that financial implications will be supported by those willing to return home following the evacuation.
In this instance, Nigerians on a consideration to travel back to Nigeria from the Kingdom of Morocco, according to embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are expected to send the following information details to such as their full name, passport number, Visa status (tourist or residents), contact details (email or phone number).
It was also concluded that all willing Nigerians following the evacuation process from the Kingdom of Morocco will undergo a 14 days mandatory quarantine on arrival in the country says the embassy.

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