COVID-19 In Nigeria, is a choice between life and death

From all indications neither the Nigerian government nor Nigerians have shown the proper commitment to the fight against the novel Corona Virus.

The people and the government are in a way either underestimating the calamity or refusing to take it serious.

There is no way the Nigerian government can refuse to provide the necessary palliative to convince Nigerians to stay at home and the people will stay at home. There is also no way the people will not stay at home that the virus can be eradicated in the country or stopped from spreading.

Compare Nigeria’s dilapidated health sector to the health sector of countries like Italy, Germany, US, UK and Iran. You can tell the difference. But imagine how the corona virus plight devastated them and how people are dying daily.

In Nigeria where you have a population of 200 million people with only about 400 Intensive Care Units and less than 5 laboratories where Corona Virus tests can be conducted in all the 36 states of the Country, one wonders what will be of the country should the plight begin to take a toll.

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Countries like Japan had to at last declare a state of emergency when it had 3,906 and 91 deaths, Trump has gone begging for assistance from China which he publicly insulted referring to Corona Virus as Chinese Virus, or even the Health sector sophistication of Italy, despite which the President had to weep publicly due to the Corona Virus devastation.

The issue is at the level at which the disease is spreading in Nigeria. It supposed to be contained. Nigerians should see the practical investment said to have been made in the fight.

Corona Virus is not only killing people it is also killing the economy for those who are alive. But it is only when you are alive that you can have hope of surviving.

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Corruption, stupidity, politics and all the other negativities are the only things seen to be leading the fight against Corona Virus in Nigeria. We have to take this fight seriously. It should not be a money making mechanism for those in power or other opportunists. It is an issue of life and death and should be seen as such.

How can families survive lock down with just two packets of indomie or two small tins of rice or a loaf of bread? Definitely it shows element of lack of seriousness on the side of the government.

The only thing we need presently as Nigerians is to seriously observe luck down, massively test people and quarantine and treat those affected. Investment in the fight against the Corona Virus and ensuring it is controlled should be made on this. But it is more like a money making opportunity to some people and a political goal point winning to others. What is wrong with Nigerians? Do you still have the mentality that you have money to travel abroad to treat yourself in times of the global plight? Are you so confident that after all you will not contract the Virus or it will not become a calamity? This is crazy.

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Nigerian authorities don’t have any reason not to save Nigerians from this plight and Nigerians don’t have excuse not to cooperate to ensure that the Virus is completely eradicated from Nigeria. With the way the monster is spreading in Nigeria and with the way Nigerians and the government are responding to it is alarming, is time to decide to wake up and live or remain in the usual Nigeria and die devastatingly.

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