Covid 19 vaccine is a Patriotic test for Africa Leaders – ex Boxer,Ikechukwu Okoronkwo

Covid 19 vaccine is a Patriotic test for Africa Leaders - ex  Boxer,Ikechukwu Okoronkwo

Africans are watching it’s various political office holders response to Covid 19 Vaccine coming outside the continent.

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo Nigeria ex international Boxer is calling on Federal Government of Nigeria agencies/Committee saddled with the responsibility to handle the fight against Covid 19 Pandemic “Presidential Task Force” (P.T.F) ON COVID 19) to explain to Nigerians their achievement in the area of provision of Covid 19 Vaccines or Cure from home

It is also important for Africa nations to account to thier citizens how National Treasure were managed over Covid 19 Pandemic.

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Many Country in various continent including, China, UK,USA and others have advertised their home made COVID19 vaccine from Universities and other institutions to World Health Organization ( WHO).

Nigerians is tempted to ask the Executive arm of Federal Government lead by President Buhari GCFR from APC political party this question.

(1) which of the Nigeria made vaccine or drugs for COVID 19 have the committee set by Him with mandate of 6 month be able to provide for Nigerians.

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(2) How did the PTF spend thier Funds.

(3) How did Lagos state ,Kano State,Ogun State and Federal capital Territory ( FCT) Governor’s and administrator spent those heavy allocation of Fund over Covid 19 pandemic without any Vaccine or Covid 19 cure to show for it.

(4) How did other State Governors from various State of Nigeria spent Covid 19 Fund without any Vaccine or cure to show for it.

Nigerians are waiting for answers because Most of this Money came from either Nigeria National Treasure or possible from Loan which Nigerians are all responsible for its payment.

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Nigeria is in the Hands of God

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