Curroption Has Taken The Official Status In The Buhari-led Administration – Dino Malaye

Dino Malaye

Sen. Dino Melaye, a former Senator in Kogi State, Nigeria took to his Instagram page to blast the Buhari -led administration, while showing off his luxurious fleet of top-dollar cars which were likely bought with public funds. In his own words he stated “Curroption has taken the official status in the Buhari-led administration”

One would be tempted to agree with the former lawmker, considering the near correctness of his words. On a closer look, it would be noted that the person making this rebuttal has been part and parcel of the same failed system Nigerians live in, as a serving senator he never contributed a single borehole to the community he represented and it has not been heard of that Sen. Melaye has served none other than himself. Implying that Buhari is curropt and is promoting banditry is not too different from the proverbial kettle calling the pot black.

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It will be noteworthy to state that the multi-million dollar fleet of cars from the photo alone, is enough to build 3 fully equipped hospitals in his senatorial district, Build schools, Build good hospital, dig bore holes, help the less privilege rather than buying all these expensive car and blasting Buhari-led administration saying “this government is aiding banditry and kidnapping”.

When he hared this post today and blasted Buhari-led administration, Nigerians rushed to comment, calling Him as one of theoat corrupt politician, although people bsay that this man made his money years ago before joining politics.

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