Dating Advice For Single Men in 2021

When you are a single man looking to date women in your area, it can be pretty hard to figure out how to get on the scene. Plus, when you actually meet a woman, who’s to say you’ll get along? The dating scene can be pretty scary, and relationships are complicated – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself out there and be brave!

Now that we are slowly starting to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people who spent the past year unable to date are starting to look for partners again. In this blog we’ll take you through some dating tips for men in 2021!

It’s all about confidence – on both sides of the table

When you are reentering the dating scene after a long time alone, it can be very hard to be confident with women. You might be so nervous about your dates that you come across as standoffish, over-anxious or strange, and that’s the last thing anybody wants. Learning how to be confident with women is not a quick-fix thing, it requires practise and self-improvement.

Additionally, the person you are dating might be equally nervous to you. If you are confident and open up to her straight away, it might put her mind at ease. If you are nervous and shaky on your date, it can lead to her having second thoughts. 

Here are a few surefire ways to ooze confidence on your first date with a woman. 

  1. Dress in your favourite clothing. Some people buy all-new outfits for dates that feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. This can lead to feeling insecure and worried about your appearance. Instead of falling into this trap, you should wear your favourite outfit that you’ve worn many times. This will give you confidence – you know you look good, so you’ll feel better in yourself.
  2. Work on your body language. Body language says a lot about a person, even if they don’t realise it. If you approach your date with folded arms or a hunched posture, they will assume you are not confident, or that you’re not happy to be there at all! An open chest, a big smile and maintaining strong eye contact will let her know you are excited to be there. 
  3. Be prepared to open up about yourself. Someone who gives one-word answers and speaks in a clipped tone is unlikely to get a second date. If you’re shy, that’s okay, but make a real effort to give information about yourself and get into a proper dialogue with the woman. Otherwise the date will feel awkward and stifled. 
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Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just transformed

You’ve probably heard the phrase “chivalry is dead” before – but the truth is, chivalry is not dead, it has just transformed. The old ways of paying for every date, opening the car door, pulling out the woman’s chair and taking her coat have been relaxed, but that doesn’t mean they have disappeared completely. Women still want to be treated with respect and kindness on dates.

The likelihood is that the woman you are dating has made a real effort for your first date. She might have had her hair done, her nails painted, and her makeup perfected for hours before she steps out to see you. Although men don’t have the same processes of getting ready, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recognise the effort she has put in. Always make sure to compliment a woman’s outfit and general appearance. It is a small gesture that goes a long way to improve her confidence and make her smile. 

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Similarly, women still want men to come across in a confident way that shows you are a caring provider. That doesn’t necessarily mean showing off how much money you have – you don’t need to pick her up in a Mercedes to make her like you! – but it does mean taking initiative and making bold moves. This could include pulling out her chair on the date or holding her coat; these small gestures accumulate into something big down the line.

Sometimes the most traditional ways of charming a woman are still the best – just add your own modern twist into the mix. Don’t start using pickup lines from movies or cringeworthy tactics; be yourself, and good things will follow.

Don’t push it…

For guys who have spent the whole pandemic single, the idea of meeting and dating a woman can be super exciting. It’s probably been a long time since you have been in a relationship, so the idea of getting to be with a woman again could be overwhelmingly great!

Nevertheless, it is very important to remain calm. Don’t push her on physical intimacy, and don’t try to accelerate the relationship to a further pace. Although the prospect of having a girlfriend again can be an enticing one, if you come across as pushy or desperate, it will likely turn the woman off altogether. Women like to take things at their own pace and feel respected through every part of the relationship – so if you come across as if all you want is physical intimacy, then you will get nowhere with her. 

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If you want to take your relationship to the next level, you should approach the subject openly with the woman you are dating. Whether this “next level” is physical, emotional or practical – such as taking her to meet your parents – the best policy is to be honest at every stage. State your feelings in simple terms. This makes her realise you are a confident man who knows what he wants, and will ask for it. It will also avoid her feeling as if you are playing games with her head or messing her around, which is an added bonus!


If you are getting back into the dating scene now that the pandemic is easing off, use this top guide to help you. Dating can be challenging for everyone, especially after an international crisis, so confidence, patience and kindness are key at all stages.

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