Davido Just Bought A New Jewelry Worth 150M

Popular Afro-beat singer Davido aka Omo Baba Olowo has bought a new Diamond-encrusted DMW customized chain from American Jeweler, Ice Box Zahir. The singer who released his new Album ‘A Good Time’ two weeks ago is definitely living up to the title of his new project. The father of jewelry lover who never stops showing off his new pieces took to his Social pages to announce the completion of is DMW customized chain.

We can only wait to hear the gulping sum that will be splashed on Davido’s new DMW customized chain.  The chain has the 30BG inscription on it: A map of Africa and Nigeria: The Naira sign and the DMW Logo as the main pendant.

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In a post we made earlier, Davido could be seen brooding over his old jewelries as he called out his jeweler, Ice Box Zahir for taking too long with the production of his new DMW customized diamond chain. It has arrived and its such a beauty to behold. 

Davido Just Bought A New Jewelry Worth 150M
Davido Just Bought A New Jewelry Worth 150M
Davido Just Bought A New Jewelry Worth 150M

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