Days After A Repentant Bandit Accused The Govt Of Sending Them AK-47, Reno Drags Buhari’s Govt

Reno Omokri has recently taken to his official Twitter page as he reacts against Buhari’s Government. This is coming days after a repentant bandit accused the government of allegedly supplying AK-47 to them. Reno was focused on the fact that the repentant bandit had earlier spoken boldly as he accused the government of arming them.

Reno Omokri claims that the Buhari’s Government allegedly remained silent even after the accusation was made by the repentant bandit.

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“More than a week after a repentant bandit accused this administration for arming them, we have a loud silence from Buhari’s Government” — Reno Claims.

The popular activist was curious to know if the statement from the repentant bandit is really true. 

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