Death scare at Ayefele’s Music House, Manager targeted


It would have been a tragic Christmas at the popular radio station of musician, Yinka Ayefele, as one of his loyal manager, Prince Aderibigbe, was said to be the target of juju planted under his chair at it’s Ibadan, Oyo State office. Prince, however, denied this.

A source who witnessed the commotion that ensued after a fetish object was discovered on December 24, 2018, told Doggone News Associated (DNA) that but for vigilance on the part of the pastor, he might have walked into the trap and “anything might have happened thereafter.” According to the source, “we had arrived office as usual that day to conduct business with the radio station and heard accusations and counter accusations that a particular individual had planted juju under Prince’s chair and the man would have become a vegetable if he has mistakenly sat on it that day.

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“In this part of the divide, we know what could have happened. The individual who planted the object meant harm for Prince. Of course fingers were pointed to an individual who had been eyeing Prince’s office since he got to the organization. He has always coveted the post and yes not coy about it. That’s why it was easy to suspect him (He would not name the individual).

In a sharp and quick response, Prince denied anything like an attempt on his life ever happened. “It is not true. Have a nice day,” was his response and hurriedly hung up.

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Our source, however, insisted that a spiritual attack was led on Aderibigbe, and for his spiritual and fatherly role in the organization, “many expected him to deny it because they don’t want it out in the press. “Everybody knew what went down that morning. For the sake of the organization and the man behind the attack, Ayefele would have wanted peace to reign. That’s exactly what Prince is trying to do. But denial doesn’t mean it didn’t happen because there were witnesses”

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Ayefele radio station, pulled down by the Oyo state government sometime last year, was rebuilt by the government again and handed over to the musician recently

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