Democracy: Dr. Maduka’s Vision on Democracy and Good Governance – Enthronement of Virtues of Democracy and Good Governance

Democracy: Dr. Maduka's Vision on Democracy and Good Governance - Enthronement of Virtues of Democracy and Good Governance

By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony (Equity Lawyer)

“If I’m elected the Governor of Anambra State, my pact with Ndi Anambra is to guarantee all the democratic dividends of good governance” ~ Dr. Maduka.

I’ll ensure effective and efficient structures which will provide optimal support to citizens in living a safe and productive life in line with their desires and opportunities. Essentially, this involves a combination of democratic dividends, the social welfare state and the rule of law. Good governance is responsive to the present and future needs of the people, exercising prudence in policy-setting and decision-making, ensuring that the best interest of the masses are guaranteed.

If given opportunity to govern Anambra State, I’ll ensure the practicability of all the elements of good governance and Democracy:

  1. Rule of Law:
    Good governance requires fair legal frameworks that are enforced by an impartial regulatory body, for the full protection of the citizens.
  2. Transparency:
    Transparency means that information should be provided in easily understandable forms and made accessible to media practitioners and other interest groups.
    Adequate information should be made freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by governance policies and practices, as well as the outcomes resulting therefrom to ensure that decisions taken and their enforcements are in compliance with established rules and regulations.
  3. Responsiveness:
    Good governance requires that government and their processes are designed to serve the best interests of the people within a reasonable time frame.
  4. Consensus Oriented:
    Good governance requires consultation to understand the different interests of the diverse groups in order to reach a broad consensus of what is in the best interest of the masses and how this can be achieved in a sustainable and prudent manner.
  5. Equity and Inclusiveness:
    The government that provides the opportunity for it’s citizens to maintain, enhance, or generally improve their well-being provides the most compelling message regarding it’s reason for existence and value to society.
  6. Effectiveness and Efficiency:
    Good governance means that the processes implemented by the government to produce favorable results meet the needs of it’s citizens while making the best use of resources – human, technological, financial, natural and environmental resources at it’s disposal.
  7. Accountability:
    Accountability is a key tenet of good governance. Who is accountable for what should be documented in policy documents and statements. In general, government is accountable to those who will be affected by it’s decisions or actions as well as the applicable rules of law.
  8. Participation:
    Participation by both men and women, either directly or through legitimate representatives, is a key cornerstone of good governance. Participants need to be informed and organized, including freedom of expression and assiduous concern for the best interests of the organization and society in general.
  9. Improved Governance:
    Good governance typically involves well-intentioned people who bring their ideas, experiences, preferences and other human strengths and shortcomings to the policy-making table. Good governance is achieved through an on-going discourse that attempts to capture all of the considerations involved in assuring that the people’s interests are properly addressed and reflected in policy initiatives.
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These are what we need in Anambra State and we’ve got the all important task to get Dr. Godwin Maduka to govern Anambra State then we are sure of all these.

Ndi Anambra let’s make proper use of this important opportunity.

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