Despite Corona Virus, Popular Artist Kool P Disguised Himself As A Fruit Seller, A Beggar

Kool P

Despite federal government announcing 14 days restriction on movement as a strategy to slow the spread of corona Virus of which the restriction is currently ongoing. The fear of the pandemic and the restriction warning did not stop Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and also the Owner and chairman of Hong Kong records group of company Kool P who went through Onitsha head bridge in disguised in order to entertain his fans while they seat at home to obey the order of the federal government and for their own good too.
He entered the market as a fruit seller that needed help and surprisingly to him, he got little attention from people by getting 850 naira within 45 minutes. He said, “Ego sinachi. Money comes from God. I have done it all to make sure you guys were being entertained while seating at home. Making money issa must 100%”.
Before he entertained his fans by disguising himself as a fruit seller, In Nigeria as we all know that we have group of beggars everywhere .They sit on the pedestrian sidewalks. They stretch their hands to beg for money or food while their mouths mutter different sing-songs in their local language, in sync with one another. Crippled, blind and aged, they are all united by similar fate, that’s where our popular artist also mingled himself in a disguise as a beggar to beg for money and so many people also gave him attention unknowingly which to him, exposed that we still have good people in Nigeria. According to him, “Like I said in my previous post, today I went out begging money from good people of Nigeria and I found out that there is love in the street. God bless everyone that gave me money today. You guys will never lack, I will use the money to start up a fruit business by this weekend. I did it for you guys to keep you entertained while you seat at home. I love you all”.

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