Dino Malaye A Man Of The People

In Nigeria, we laugh over what should make us cry and cry over what should make us laugh. We kill those we should celebrate and celebrate those we should kill.”- Lawal Divinefavour (2019).

The prognosis of my interest in unraveling the mysterious figure in the Nigerian political environment was triggered by an anonymous post from a special friend of mine, a critical minded homopoliticus. According to him,
“Not all guys are dangerous… Some of them smoke weeds, drugs and other narcotics but deep down, they still do have good mind than some of our Christian brothers and sisters. Just try and get to know them, you will realize that they have good human spirit just that they need help… Distancing yourself from them will not change them, try and understand their world, but don’t try to change them. However, you can influence them. “- Adewunmi Gbenga (2019).

However in this case, Daniel Dino Melaye is not a guy, some said, no matter how young and good looking he may look, he is but a mysterious political figure among other politicians in the Nigeria Political terraphema. while others said, he is a man that breathes fire and furry. But for me, he is the perfect parliamentarian. Pardon me for using the word perfect. I’ve forgotten that he’s got a pot belly. But even some whose pot belly lies on top of their wheel starring are men of good works. Does this mean that Dino is a good man? Well let us not jump into conclusion. What makes him mysterious lies not in smoking weeds, drugs or other narcotics as alleged by some unfaithful. At least so far so good, his critics have not been successful to validate such negative accusations against him.

However, there is a widespread interest that is germinating and growing rapidly deep down inside a lot of Nigerians on who exactly is Dino Melaye?
Well, the media has done an excellent job in giving us whichever picture or image they like about Dino. But as a political scientist, if I am to remain politically neutral, there has been a lot of inspired or poorly sourced information about him which we need to debate immediately and unravel the truth, and especially instantly corrected/removed if potentially found libelous or harmful.

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Tracing the historical milieu, in which he came into limelight into the Nigeria political scene, Dino Negate the theoretical framework of being rich before you can effect a positive change in Nigerian politics. Apart from the fact that he was a youth activist right from cradle, he is not just a politician but he is also a senator- a member of the 9th National Assembly. Not only that, he is representing Kogi West senatorial district, currently a member of the People’s Democratic Party and also the chairman Senate Committee in FCT, to mention but a few.

Sometimes ago, the same man undergo trial for attired suicide, and was accused for attempting to escape from police custody having caused damage to police property. But not too long the Nigerian police willingly opened the doors for his freedom. What a jimga gumta. An arch political philosopher once said,
“If getting justice done requires one to be radical, act radical. It is best than justice denied.”

No doubt the alleged devil is currently the senator elect of Kogi State. What a paradoxical reality. Permit me to call him an angel or else we also risk calling the innocent voters, devils or the devil’s advocates.

However, this then calls to question, who exactly is Dino Melaye? Who are his supporters? Who are his critics? If he is what many proclaimed him to be, how come he has been so much successful on his political journey of life?

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Well, during The Way African Conference, attended by over 54 African countries in 2013, Lawal Divinefavour said,
“A man who is not important to the society can never draws criticism. But when he is good, for a single defect, he will draw more than a million criticisms.”

Exactly, this is what has been killing the good men in the world today. Most are not remembered for their good works but for just a single weakness. A simple question I would have loved a wise reader to ask Dino’s critics is, can you present concrete evidence showcasing that Dino has no respect for the human race? Absolutely none! Can you point out an act of embezzlement? No doubt, it doesn’t exist in him at all. Rape or sexual misconduct? Perhaps that might be a future tense because the anti Corruption agencies and ever faithful fault seekers with the eagle’s eyes are yet to find anything incriminating in him. For any other fictitious allegations, well, he hasn’t been penalized or fined by the criminal justice system (the court and it’s parastatalals).

Be it as it may be, can I ask a question?
Contemporary politics in Nigeria is characterized with young and old politicians dining and wining with the devil at the expense of the citizen’s welfare. How come the case of Dino Melaye is different?
Some said he loves luxury cars. But whosoever does not like a good thing should please raise his or her hand? The same way successful pastors has defied the old tradition and lame expectation to keep riding a rickety car, is the same way Dino is living a good life. If driving luxury cars will continue to make him a friend of the poor and mouthpiece of the masses, please let us gladly pray he buys more cars.

We have forgotten so soon that Dino Melaye has won several awards that reveals his positive impact in the human society. Among such awards are: Best Honourable Representative of the Year by Global Youth Awareness and Development Initiative, Protector of the Youth P.D.P National Youth Vanguard, Epitome of Servant by National Association of Kogi State Students, Youth Libra for Award by the Visioners Club of Kogi State, the Great Motivator of Students by Nigerian Economic Student Association, Icon of Good Leadership by Kogi Peoples Forum, 2008 Diplomatic Member of the year by St Monica’s College Kabba and the most performed National Legislator by Vision 2020 Youth Group. Most vibrant Honourable member, Abuja merit Awards African Parliamentarian of the year 2005 in U.S.A. Melaye also won the ‘Senator of the year’ award in 2017 and 2018.

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Not only that, to showcase to the world that he’s not a religious bigot, but that he totally care, tolerates and treat other people equal irrespective of their religion, he was recently honored with a prestigious award tagged “Man of Integrity” by the Nigerian Association of Christian Journalist.
To crown it all, Dino, a man of the people has declared his intention to contest the governorship election but the black kettles who are fond of calling a pot black are currently running helter skelter seeking for a way to win the heart of the masses having deprived them of their joy and happiness. Who will wipe away the tears of the masses? Who will win the Kogi State Governorship race? The fate of the winner lies in the hands of the people (electorates). In developed countries where true democracy thrives, the electorates will always vote for “A Man of the People”. Therefore my advice to the ever faithful electorates in Kogi State is to vote wisely

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