Do You Agree That Tinubu or Atiku Will Never Make A Good President For Nigeria?

Do You Agree That Tinubu or Atiku Will Never Make A Good President For Nigeria?

The 2023 Presidential election is just two years away, and we already have power-hungry politicians eyeing the position to become the next President of Nigeria.

The present administration has failed woefully in providing Nigerians with a better life and security. The ruling party APC promised heaven and earth, yet six years on, and we are asking ourselves how we got here?

The issue of insecurity in the country has become like a bone stuck in the throat. Daily, innocent Nigerians keep dying in their numbers because the incompetent government we voted for cannot do their job effectively.


The fact is that both the PDP and APC governments cannot bring Nigerians the prosperity and security they desperately seek.

If Nigerians require a perfect change, then a new party and candidate need to emerge. Nigerians are tired of old leaders. We need a young mind to address and proffer solutions to the numerous problems in the country.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the right candidate to rule Nigeria. At the age of 69, he needs to focus on other things and kill the ambition to run for the 2023 Presidency.

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During his time as Governor of Lagos State, what significant thing did he do to bring notable change to Lagos State? He is better off a statesman than Nigeria’s next President.

Nigerians should learn from unpleasant situations the country is facing. And shouldn’t be swayed by the empty promises of power-hungry politicians come 2023.

Another candidate that is not qualified to be Nigeria’s President is Atiku Abubakar. As the Vice President of Nigeria, he never played any vital role to proffer solutions to Nigeria’s problems at the time.

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The Nigeria of the present is not the ideal place to dream to live in as we get riddled with numerous problems, and we can do nothing.

To buttress my point, our so-called President is in London when the country is under fire. That is saying something about our incompetent President.

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