Don Ubani: A Political Jobber Stinking Like The Abia State Government He Serves

Don Ubani: A Political Jobber Stinking Like The Abia State Government He Serves.

By. Ferdinand Ekeoma

Max Hawthornehe must have studied the activities of sycophants deeply, and possibly encountered a notorious sycophant like one of the chief priests of Abia Hall of Shame, Mr. Don Ubani, and subsequently declared that ” the trouble with sycophants is that, they don’t know where to put their tongues. Here’s a suggestion: Try behind your teeth. With your mouth shut”. But how can the deteriorating and decaying Don Ubani whose stomach-inspired actions had earned him the nickname “Afo Di Mkpa One of Asa” shut his mouth?

Some days ago, this notorious Abia political blackmailer, who sadly is Occupying the office of Deputy Chief of Staff in the crisis ridden Abia state government house, Mr. Don Ubani, threw caution to the dogs while expressing his envy and sorrow over the recent movement of a respected Nigerian and financial expert, Dr. Alex Otti OFR to the All Progressives Congress (APC). He poured his usual venom and vituperations on Dr. Alex Otti over his decision, and for also saying the truth about the failure of the present PDP led government in Abia. For those who do not know him and his penchant for ignominy and tomfoolery, Don Ubani, is a notorious blackmailer and sycophant who has spent over twenty years defending the most vicious and inglorious actions of every government in power, in return for food, money and other material things. Ironically, such a government or the governor in charge automatically becomes his enemy once the tenure ends.

Governor Orji Uzor Kalu was a man after his heart when he held sway, but became everything “evil” to Don Ubani immediately his tenure ended.

Governor T. A. Orji was his “Global Icon ” that had all the qualities to compete with Manadela” but immediately his tenure ended, Don Ubani declared him a curse to Abia.

He had already tested the Microphone on the incumbent Okezie Ikpeazu before he was gifted a Jeep by the government to ” calm him down small small”. As a small man with little mind, he was effectively calmed down, until he had no money to fuel the jeep given to him, so he began whimpering once again. That was after he became a thing of mockery in Abia for complaining that he was denied a plate of jollof rice during a government function in Umuahia.

To put him out of circulation and halt his nuisance which had already become a huge embarrassment to the incompetent government, they quickly appointed him the Deputy Chief of Staff; a title that isolated and rendered him impotent.

The “gamji” inspired article he wrote against Dr. Otti was written for two obvious reasons. One, he had been rendered redundant and unproductive, because his appointment was ab initio done to put a stop to his endless anti Ikpeazu songs of sorrow, thus he has no official job descriptions. He saw Otti’s declaration speech as an opportunity to abuse him so as to earn some financial rewards and recognition.

The second reason for his appalling diatribe against Otti, was the insinuation in some quarters that the Ikpeazu led government was planning to sack him after his failed attempt to ignite a political crisis between the governor and some of his allies and friends in government, thus, he ignorantly assumed that by taking on Otti, a presumed “common enemy”, his recent atrocious plot would be forgiven. While it’s not our job to advise those he wanted to fight and blackmail out of office, one fact Don Ubani must take home is that, betrayers and traitors like him can never be trusted or given a pride of place in any responsible institution. Suffice it say that, his senseless attack on Otti can only earn him a few plates of his favourite jollof rice, but cannot eliminate the perpetual hunger that has made his miserable life irredeemable.

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Don Ubani was angry that Otti spoke the bitter truth about misgovernance in Abia, ironically, the same Ubani had levelled the same allegation when he attacked the government and questioned how some hitherto “no bodies” around the governor suddenly became very rich and started buying choice properties, driving expensive SUVs etc. Is Don Ubani saying that the alleged looting taking place in Abia should only be spoken about and exposed as an instrument of blackmail for appointment and settlement rather than for the purpose of correcting societal ills and achieving positive results?

It’s important to remind Don Ubani and other mindless sycophants that there’s no greater evidence to attest to looting of public treasury, than the absence of basic democratic dividends especially non payment of salaries and pension arrears.

Don Ubani and the government he serves are angry that Alex Otti “takes high class persons to his Arochukwu house”. He should be reminded that Alex Otti worked very hard to build the said mansion, and therefore is not under obligation to seek permission from Don Ubani or Ikpeazu before taking whoever he wishes there. Don Ubani can take his fellow political jobbers to his abandoned mud house in Ukwa, we are not bothered.

The Jobber is furious that Otti who started his real active politics in APGA is moving from the party to the APC, meanwhile, he and Ikpeazu told whoever cared to listen that even if the world was coming to an end, they would never leave the PDP, but when the then governor Orji Uzor Kalu moved to his newly formed PPA, they quickly jumped ship from PDP because it was a matter of the stomach.

When governor T. A. Orji fell out with his predecessor, and decided to seek refuge in APGA, Don Ubani and his new boss Ikpeazu were amongst the first set of people to race to Okpara Auditorium, the venue of Ochendo’s reception to show their loyalty. At the declaration, they all promised Dim Ojukwu that none of them was going to leave APGA until Christ comes, but less than a month later, Ochendo was beckoned upon to return to the PDP. Before Ochendo could open his mouth to talk about jumping back to the PDP, Ikpeazu had already asked; how high do you want us to jump, Your Excellency sir? The next thing Abians heard was that the poorly performed former T.C. Chairman of Obingwa and Special Assistant to OUK, Okezie Ikpeazu and other jumpologists have jumped back to the PDP.

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How then can the “long throat” loquacious Don Ubani compare himself and other jumpologists in government who endlessly jumped for the sake of their stomachs, with an Alex Otti who has dedicated six solid years fighting consistently for suffering Abia masses. If Don Ubani and other agents of darkness in the rudderless Okezie Ikpeazu government understood what real sacrifice is in a democracy, they would know that Alex Otti’s blunt refusal to pay attention to their numerous humongous offers on several occasions between 2015 and 2019, including those done through some Traditional Rulers and a few senior citizens, means that his ambition isn’t driven by the materialism that can make majority of those in Abia state government sell their mothers.

Don Ubani and the government he serves have sadly continued to assess Alex Otti from their prisms of primitivity, hence their assumption that occupation of political power through brigandage without performance is as important to Otti, as it is to them.

The most disgusting thing about the Okezie Ikpeazu led government is that, it’s one being dominated not just by enemies within, but enemies with stinking character and reputation who can hardly survive outside government. If Ikpeazu understood the place of integrity in democratic governance, and had the balls to take decisions that can impact positively on governance, a Don Ubani who had accused his government of everything evil, would not be allowed near the corridors of power without first either proving or denouncing his previous allegations, sadly, Ikpeazu has repeatedly proven that his government is an incompetent one which goes about searching for dissidents to shut their mouths with appointments and peanuts; a poor strategy of the guilty.

It’s unfortunate that Ubani and the government he serves are more interested in 2023 cheap political discus, sadly they do not know that Alex Otti’s life vis-a-vis economic survival is not tied to politics like theirs, and thus would never allow himself to be dragged into discussing an issue that would insult the sensibilities of Abians. Okezie Ikpeazu and his Judas Iscariot Political Jobber called Don Ubani, should know that what Abians are interested in is good governance, not cheap propaganda and primitive verbal insults recklessly dished out by the government and her agents of darkness.
We want to restate that, acquiring political power is one thing, and knowing what to do with the power, is another thing. As long as Ikpeazu was never prepared for the role, the courage, creativity and capacity to act with the touch of excellence, and deliver to the satisfaction of the people will always be lacking. This is worsened by the incompetent people like Ubani, that he surrounds himself with.

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The fact that of all the people that joined the APC and spoke the bitter truth about governance in Abia in the last few years, Alex Otti was the only person deserving of such attention that came with anger and bile of bestiality, shows that the government hasn’t overcome its self inflicted Ottiphobia.

It’s interesting that Don Ubani is already talking about APC 2023 governorship ticket, and warning that the ticket should be given to Dr. Uche Ogah instead of Dr. Alex Otti. Such a warning though has exposed the desires of Abia state government, however, we doubt if Dr. Ogah or the APC had sought the contribution or intervention of Abia state government or that of her major political jobber, Don Ubani.
If Don Ubani had conscience, he would be talking about how to clear the over 15 months salary arrears owed secondary school teachers in Abia. If he wasn’t callous like the government he serves, he would have been making case for the payment of Abia state Polytechnic and Abia State College of Education and Technical Arochukwu Lecturers who are being owed 20 months and 25 months salary arrears respectively, while infrastructures in the Institutions are allowed to decay uncontrollably. If these incompetent office holders in Abia had empathy, they wouldn’t have carried out the biggest state sponsored recruitment scam that ripped off over six thousand unemployed Abians.
If the Abia state government wasn’t made up of vicious absolutist and barbaric opportunists who are determined to depopulate Abians for their refusal to accord genuine recognition and legitimacy on the unpopular Ikpeazu government, it wouldn’t have callously refused to clear the 17 months of salary arrears owed staff of Abia state university Teaching Hospital,which necessitated the abscondment of many medical personnel of the institution at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, while Ikpeazu himself set the poor record as the first and only governor who fled his state to seek treatment elsewhere after being hit by Coronavirus. The staff of the institution have just gone on strike.The same governor had deceived his citizens with false claims of having built world class hospitals and isolation centres.
Let me remind Don Ubani and other clowns in Abia state government that, Abians are not interested in your anti Otti savagery and venomous tantrums, since Otti is not responsible for your gross irresponsibility in governance and monumental failure in service delivery, therefore the energy deployed in Abusing Otti and telling satanic lies should be channelled to delivering the gains of democracy to millions of Abians who are being systematically annihilated. Sadly, the repentance and responsibility we expect from Abia state government can only happen when a treacherous political Jobber like Don Ubani ceases to be one of the best products of the stinking Okezie Ikpeazu government.

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