Dr Godwin Maduka Gifts PDP Chairman Toyota RAV 4 Whose Car Was Burnt By An Angry Mob

By Dr.Emezie Madu

Dr.Godwin Maduka in an exceptional show of benevolence, today handed over a Toyota RAV 4 car to Mr. Moses Okafor, who incidentally is the Chairman PDP Nsugbe ward 2 ,whose car was burnt by an angry mob at Umueze Anam recently.

On that faithful day Dr.Godwin Maduka’s convoy was passing and he saw Mr.Okafor’s car already burnt and blackened. The charred remains of the car was obstructing traffic at a bridge leading to Umueze Anam.

Some of the inhabitants including natives made up of mainly able bodied men, clusttered around the scene standing with folded hands, some folding arms behind their heads, some at akimbo while others dropped their shoulders in defeat and absolute confusion.

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Immediately Dr.Godwin Maduka jumped out of his Rolls Royce car in a courageous manner while defying warnings from his security details not to approach the locals. Okosisi approached them and asked that they should use water mixed with detergent to quench the fire. He literally joined them to use planks to push the burnt car out of the bridge to decongest the traffic.

Although it was a coincidence, the lion of Africa promised to replace the burnt car because the incident happened the day he visited the area. An eye witness said the owner of the burnt car Mr.Okafor Moses escaped death by whiskers.

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So many people in the category of Dr.Godwin Maduka would have turned their convoys to another direction but he stood his ground to salvage the situation which would have caused a communal crisis between Nsugbe and Anam people.

This is a rare show of courage, exemplary leadership and commitment to shoulder the responsibilities of Ndi Anambra State by Dr.Godwin Maduka,the lion of Africa.

The Manager, Dr.Godwin Maduka Foundation, Chief Toochukwu Ilo presented the Car to the elated Mr.Moses Okafor amidst a show of magnificence.

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Everyone at that brief ceremony, including passers by made formal expression of praise about the person of Dr.Godwin Maduka and earnestly prayed that God Almighty would grant his desire to be the next Governor of Anambra State.

The event attracted PDP faithful from far and near including, PDP Chairman Anambra West, Hon Samuel Ozoekwe,PDP Chairman Anambra East, Hon Melukam Johnson. Facilitator Dr.Godwin Maduka campaign Organization Anambra West,Hon Ambrose Dibua, representative of Anam Peoples Assembly, Chief Cliff Nneli.

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