Dr Godwin Maduka’s Creative Prowess Is Required To Avert The Economic Consequences Of Covid-19 In Anambra State

Dr Godwin Maduka's Creative Prowess Is Required To Avert The Economic Consequences  Of Covid-19 In Anambra State

By Franklin Chinemelu

One of the major reasons our leaders fail to perform is that we often pay less attention to what matters most when it comes to leadership, which is CREATIVITY. This entails the ability to generate new ideas, alternatives and better ways of solving problems.

We all witnessed what happened early this year, how the world stood still for months. Businesses, schools, offices even churches were not left out in what seems to be a ‘total pause’ of the entire globe.
It wasn’t funny at all because many lost their loved ones and means of livelihood, firms collapsed, and many are presently at the point of
winding down.

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The economic consequences of Covid-19 Pandemic dealt a heavy blow on Anambra State as the economic mainstay of Nigeria besides Lagos. Most of our sons that are into legitimate business of importing goods are trapped in China, the ones around are finding it very hard to clear their goods because the price of clearing goods is now twice what it use to be, right now they need all the support they can get if they must remain in business. Unfortunately, the economy will plummet more in the coming months.

You can agree with me that we need a creative leader and a life saver like Dr Godwin Maduka to take the mantle of leadership in Anambra State if we must survive this tough time.

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Dr. Godwin Maduka out of sheer commitment, ingenuity, prudence and excellent managerial ability built and maintains six first class hospitals in the United States. He passed through terrible scenarios but ended up converting every ugly situation he faced in life to a positive outcome.

We need such a man now. Times have changed, our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) will drop further, businesses will still go down and that is where we need a pragmatic leader that will not over tax Ndi Anambra in other to pay salaries or provide basic amenities. We need someone who will get the job done with minimal efforts, least amount of time and resources. We need someone who understands the needs of Ndi Anambra.

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Dr Godwin Maduka’s blue print says it all, he has plans to introduce economic stimulus in every sector to jump start the economy of Anambra state.

Dr Godwin Maduka is a man with the midas touch and a good administrator. No doubt his leadership will create the needed economic buoyancy for growth and development.


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