Dr Godwin Maduka’s Exposition: Education In Anambra State Will Never Taken For Granted

By Michael Nwankwo

Missionaries are synonymous with quality education and the history of education is not complete without the missionaries.

The first universities were established in Italy, France, and England in the late 11th and the 12th centuries for the study of arts, law, medicine, and theology by the Missionaries.

Roman Catholic priests in the 15th century visited the West African coast, including Benin and Warri in Nigeria, established churches and built schools.

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Since States and Federal Government of Nigeria wrestled education administration from the owners, the missionaries, the quality of education has nose dived.

The leadership of Dr. Godwin Maduka is prepared to introduce an affordable education and move quality education in Anambra State to a greater height.

According to Dr. Godwin Maduka “My vision is to restore the lost glory of mandatory free education through social welfare leadership system.

I will go into partnership with the Churches, academic stakeholders and investors to enforce free education at both Primary and Secondary levels. At Tertiary levels, I will introduce a policy to subsidize school fees by 50% for the benefit of the indigent ones.

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“As a triple Professor of Harvard University, I know the importance of quality education. Some years ago I built some educational basic institutions like Community Primary School and Immaculate Conception International College, Umuchukwu to contribute to the growth of quality education in Anambra State”

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